By Mazi Odera

New students of Lagos State University "LASU" today went on rampage to register disagreement on the extra ordinary hike in the school fees,as announced by GOV FASHOLA .

Governor Raji Fashola of APC announced an increase in tuition fees for new entrants. The Government had directed that prospective students of Arts/Education are to pay N193,750; Social and Management Sciences, N223,750; Law, N248,750; while those in Communication/Transport, Sciences, Engineering and College of Medicine are to pay, N238,750, N258,750, N298,750 and N348,750 respectively as against last years fees which ranges between N25,000 and N62,500.

The new students mostly from very poor parents that are earning the standard minimum wage of 18,000 Naira,we can recall that last year when this ugly incident came up that Governor Fashola in his defence said through his Commissioner of Information and Strategy Aderemi Ibirogba, that student can “take it or leave”,while Governor Fashola said "University education is not for everybody".

If a senior advocate of Nigeria who knows the benefit of education can be this mean and wicked to the future of our children ,we wonder what other less educated Governor,s under same PARTY will do ?

Today many Anti Riot Policemen were drafted to keep the rioting students in check.The question on the lips of many students are "why must he hike school fees from 25,000 to 250,000 ?" does it mean he hates education this bad or he simply wants to limit education to the super rich in our society ?