Adeyeye Chides Fayemi Over Distribution Of Cooked Rice To Ekiti Women

By Prince Dayo Adeyeye Movement

Afenifere Chieftain and Peoples' Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirant in Ekiti State, Prince Dayo Adeyeye has described as shameful and demeaning, sharing of cooked rice to Ekiti women by Governor Kayode Fayemi and his wife, Bisi Fayemi.

Adeyeye, who said he was caught aback when he saw pictures of the governor and his wife sharing jollof rice, cooked with palm-oil to some aged women, wondered why Ekiti is being turned to an Almajiri State by the All Progressives Congress (APC) government.

In a release issued today, by the Director General of Prince Adedayo Adeyeye Movement (PAAM), Hon. Bisi Kolawole, Adeyeye said; “it is very painful that after parading Ekiti mothers, wives and daughters naked in Ado-Ekiti, in the name of protesting election rigging, Fayemi has now turned them to beggars, who go plates-in-hands to be served jollof rice in the market place.”

Adeyeye, who said if he becomes governor, he will rather provide employments for youths in the State so that they can take care of their parents, asked; “Can Fayemi and his wife be happy if they see photographs of their relatives collecting cooked food in the public like beggars?”

He said; “This is the same government that is saying that it has created more than 10,000 employments, when all that it had done was paying graduates N10, 000 monthly as volunteers. If 10,000 youths have been gainfully employed as they claimed, shouldn't those youths have been able to take care of their parents?

“And if the government is as concerned about the welfare of the women as it claimed, why not dignify the women with raw food items so that they can go to their houses to cook their own food? And assuming what Fayemi and his wife gave the women was breakfast; are they also getting launch and dinner from the governor and his wife?

“Most importantly, when has it become the duty of a State Governor to wear apron, carry spoon in his hands and be sharing jollof rice to women if not that such a governor has ulterior motives?

“Honestly, this a shameful and painful, but we are consoled by the fact that like all the afflictions of the Israelites, this government that has turned our women to almajiris will pass away this year by the grace of God.”