Odu'a GMD announces resignation

By The Citizen

The Group Managing Director, Odu'a Investment Company Limited, Mr. Adebayo Jimoh, has announced his resignation after nine years as the head of the conglomerate.

Jimoh, who did not give any reason for his action, said the resignation would take effect from May 2014 and that KMPG Advisory Services had been mandated by Odu'a Investment to shop for a qualified person from Nigeria and beyond as his successor.

He said, 'Every journey that has a beginning and a defined destination will definitely have an end. I have come to a point where I need to formally announce that I will be voluntarily retiring from the services of Odu'a Investment Company Limited with effect from May 2014, having served the company for almost nine years.'

'KPMG Advisory Services is in the process of selecting my successor so that there will be no vacuum. The position of a GMD is a big time business that has to be handled by a competent person; so, whoever will take over from me must be thoroughly scrutinised.

'My successor, by God's grace, will be assuming office by April 2014, while the handing over comes up between April and May, 2014. Thereafter, I will proceed on my well deserved terminal leave from the company.'

The outgoing GMD said the return of Cocoa House to its glory days and the re-establishment of the property business of the conglomerate were direct results of the hard work and initiative that characterised his tenure in office and called on his would-be successor to utilise the manpower he would inherit.

He said, 'I came during a turbulent period in the history of the company but we were able to bring back the glory days. After 18 years of inactivity, Cocoa House was brought back to life while the establishment of Cocoa Mall and Heritage Mall brought high standard international retail market to Ibadan.'