Lagos APC Faults Rivers PDP Over Allegation Against Tinubu


SAN FRANCISCO, January 16, (THEWILL) -  The Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has faulted the Rivers State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for blaming the instigated warfare it (the PDP) is levying on the entirety of Rivers State presently on the National Leader of the APC, Senator Bola Tinubu.

The party said the  position of the Rivers PDP was informed by a consuming mania for the leading role Tinubu is playing to forge a common front to uproot the PDP from further despoiling the country and wrecking a well endowed country through deliberate corruption, impunity and gargantuan misrule by the PDP.

In a statement issued in Lagos by the Lagos State Interim Publicity Secretary of the APC, Joe Igbokwe, the party said the desperate hirelings in Rivers PDP who are being employed to carry out treasonable acts of felony against Rivers State are charting a new trend in clowning in trying to blame Tinubu for the acts of treasonable felony they are carrying out in Rivers.

APC said in  due season, all the perpetrators of the continuing violence in Rivers State who domicile in what remains of Rivers PDP would be brought to justice as Nigerians are taking good and appropriate notice of all the dramatic personae in what it described as the present sponsored effort to ensure that Rivers State is perpetually engrossed in violent criminality.

'For us, the allegation from Rivers PDP is a senseless effort to divert attention from the criminal acts and conducts of its members in Rivers State ever since Governor Amaechi decided to fight for the rights and interests of his people against the obdurate tendency of the PDP Federal Government.

We see this as yet another hollow effort by a bankrupt party to blame its nefarious acts on the victims of its wild conducts.

'When every Nigerian knows that the violence and continued impunity in Rivers State are the undisguised reactions of the hirelings that now dominate Rivers PDP to the determination of Governor Amaechi to fight for the rights of Rivers people, we see it as the height of idiotic fancy for the same perpetrators of the violence to try to divert attention by looking in unlikely quarters for who to blame for their deliberate actions.

It is certain that Rivers PDP is the only group in Nigeria that is being fooled by its half wits to engage in illusional search for those to blame for its intentional actions.

'We all know that Nyesom Wike, the leader of Rivers PDP and a serving minister vowed that he and his PDP will make Rivers State ungovernable for Governor Amaechi and they have gone notches higher to fulfill their vow.

We all know as a matter of fact, that the Rivers State Police under Joseph Mbu is committed to the fulfillment of this vow so we wonder where Asiwaju Tinubu comes in here.

'We wonder how Tinubu garners the power and clout to incite PDP members in Rivers to continue their sponsored acts of terrorism and impunity against the government and people of Rivers State just because Governor Chibuike Amaechi refuses to be intimidated by the rampaging hawks and sycophants in Rivers State who are beholden to the continuation of the monumental rot in Nigeria while they continue to profit from the distress of millions of Nigerians.

We wonder how Tinubu now controls the police that is being employed by the PDP as hatchet dogs against its political opponents.

We wonder if Tinubu is now in control of the Federal Government that has unleashed its apparatuses and officials to ensure that Rivers is perpetually kept in violent crisis for its selfish interests.

'We challenge Rivers PDP to advance further proof of its lamed and idiotic allegation that our National Leader is inciting it to carry out wholesome brigandage in Rivers State just to satiate its base political interests and the selfish interests of its leaders.

We want them to advance good proof that any other group besides Rivers PDP is prosecuting the wanton violence in Rivers today.

'Lagos APC is happy that the good people of Rivers State are very much aware of the people responsible for the sponsored violence in Rivers State today.

We are happy that Rivers people are not fooled by the desperate lies and misinformation from Rivers PDP.

We are happy that Rivers people are coming up boldly to identify these nefarious characters and groups responsible for the willful destruction of Rivers and we are happy that Nigerians are not fooled by the antics of the PDP and at the right and appropriate time, these felons will be brought to justice,' the statement said.