Open Letter To Dr Kwankwaso

By Concerned corps member serving in Kano state

Permit me to use this medium to comment on your performance as governor of Kano state. You may not be the best but certainly you on course towards developing Kano state.

I have only heard, seen and read of Kano state in the media but thanks to the National Youth Service Corps that has afforded me this opportunity to visit this state.

Education is the bedrock to the development of any economy and it is pertinent that those saddled with the responsibility of impact lives are motivated to enable them put in their best. Before now we were made to believe that Kano state pays corps members serving in government schools #36000 at the end of the service year, even though it is little compare to what small states like Taraba and Ebonyi pay corps members who serve in government institution not to talk of what states like Enugu, Rivers and Lagos pay the said amount is appreciated by corps members as you will agree with me that with the hard times half bread is always better than nothing.

For those who served in government schools, they were made to go to the State Secondary School Board to collect their money on the day of passing out. This trend continued until the Batch C of 2013, we heard that the deputy Governor who was in charge of that affair has directed that local governments will be responsible for making such payment and as such they were unable to get their money. From what we gathered, we were told that their account numbers were collected and up till now nothing has been done. To make matter worse, Batch A 2014 is about to go and they are on the verge of facing the same problem.

From the look of things it is clear that there are certain individuals who are feeding from this money that has been released by your government; these individuals are interested in tarnishing your good image.

His Excellency Amana, please use your good office to see that this issue is resolved and that corps members given what is promised them.

It is not a right but a privilege to those who have contributed to the education sector of this great state.



A concerned corps member serving in Kano state.

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