National Teachers’ Institute Kaduna, Revenue Centre

By Abdullahi Nathaniel

This is a wakeup call to the Ministry of Education that the National Teachers' Institute is fast becoming a revenue centre at the detriment of students. The NTI currently runs a PGDE programme by distance learning, this development is a good one as it affords working class people the opportunity to earn certificate while they go about their normal work.

But the problem is on how the NTI evaluates the performance of students (examination), the situation where because of #10,000 that is to be paid by students if they fail a course makes the body to mark the answer sheets of students anyhow without taking into cognizance the fact that many of those who embark in this programme strife to see that they pay the fees.

The last result released by the body (2013 first semester for PGDE) confirms the cry of many Nigerians that NTI is now interested in the failure of students just because of the #10,000 to be paid. I am not saying that students are not suppose to fail exams but when it becomes the order of the day that in a centre of about 135 students only 24 can be cleared of no carryover then questions should be asked if at all these students were properly taught or maybe the evaluation method adopted should be revisited.

Apart from the failure rate, the facilitators in these centres do complain of not being adequately remunerated despite the huge amount of money being paid and the influx of students. I see no reason why NTI should be paying PHD holders peanuts when the coordinators who do nothing get the elephant share.

Please this issue should be looked into before the purpose for which it was created is defeated.

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