I am in Good Health - Oshiomhole

Source: huhuonline.com

Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole on Monday disclaimed reports of his hospitalisation following a road mishap at Ewu in Esan Central Local Government Area of the state on 28th December 2013.

Speaking in Benin City with members of the State Executive Council, Oshiomhole confirmed that his official vehicle was indeed involved in an accident with a J5 bus, but denied that anyone sustained injuries.

According to him, rumours of being hospitalised under intensive care are the figment of his detractors' imaginations.

'It is true that on 28th December, 2013, at about 10am, I was heading from my village to Benin City to receive the vice president who was visiting Uromi to attend the birthday celebration of Chief Tony Anenih', he said.

'Even though he was on a private visit, I am obliged by protocol to receive him. I believe somewhere in Ewu, a bus that was packed with goods veered off its lane and headed straight to my car and hit the car. But for the fact that the car is armoured, it would have somersaulted given its impact and the bus driver was clearly on high speed'.

Oshiomhole explained that all cars in his convoy were travelling at low speed, which made it easy for them to stop; else the result of the minor accident would have been a multiple crash.

'All of us in the car - my ADC, my driver and I - were all having our seatbelts on. The airbags were all activated. Nothing happened to any of us. I still went to the airport to receive the vice president after the accident', he continued.

'They say the devil is a liar. It does not matter what they say. God delivered all of us; none of us was injured in any manner. All those stories about being hospitalised and being under intensive care in an undisclosed hospital are figments of the imagination of those who were parroting the story.

'The important thing for me is that anything could have happened. The driver passed the first three vehicles and went straight to hit the one that I was in. You would recall that on the eve of the campaigns for 2012 election, that same car was the one I was driving and a vehicle in a similar manner came and rammed into a car I was supposed to be in'.

He thanked God for his mercies, and wondered why people would spread bad news that quickly and falsely as well.

'Bad news spread fast', he said. 'As you can see, in spite of God's mercy, people prefer to spread false story and construct what they imagine. It is only God who defines who we are and our future'.