Community development should not be left only to the hands of the political office holders; it is the collective responsibility of its citizens. Every citizen must join hands together and participate in the building of his/her community with his/her God given talent and potentials.

The Government can't provide all the needs of your community. Therefore, while you put all energy to criticizing and blaming government/political office holders for not developing your community, you should also think on how to contribute your own quota to the development of your community and the betterment of your people, so that when history pose a question to you: Where were you and what did you do when your community began to degenerate, you'll with joy and gladness of heart give a response.

It does not matter what kind of work you do, there is a role you can/must play in halting your community's slide into hopelessness. You must seek every occasion for contacts with the rural masses; never lose contact with your people, battle for their total independence and for the concrete betterment of their existence. Your success/greatness will mean nothing if it is not connected with the general advancement of your community; for “A man is not remembered for what he possessed on earth but he's remembered for his contribution to the Development and Enlargement of his Nation/Community and his Kindred”.

If you are a famous young writer, and you do not write about the quandary of your people, history will ask: Where were you and what did you do when things began to degenerate? If you are a prolific young journalist, and you say nothing about corrupt politicians who share the money for the development of your community, posterity will question thee.

If you are a flourishing young entrepreneur, and you do not contribute to the improvement of the lives of the impoverished in your community, future generations will ask thee. If you are a singer, and you do not sing in defence of the downtrodden, history will also pose a question to you. If you are a pastor and you seek not the face of God for the betterment of your people, instead, you keep praying for your self-interest and personal aggrandisement (remember the 'betterment of Jerusalem is the betterment of the Jews'), posterity will ask thee.

You are a political office holder, the people voted for you because they believed in you, your ability and capability that you will deliver to the downtrodden. They believed you'll develop the community but you get there and serve only your pocket, history will also pose a question to you: When you were in the right position to be of help to your people, the masses, what did you do?

If you do not ask yourself this soul-searching question, you might find yourself dumbfounded when future generations ask: Where were you and what did you do when your community/nation began to degenerate? You must think of what to contribute to the development of your community; it is not about how late you start, it is all about starting first that defines your goal, motive, mission and vision to building great communities and a great nation “Nigeria”.

Where were you, and what did you do when your Nation began to degenerate? Will you be able to give an answer to this question when future generations ask thee?

Oluwatomilola K. Boyinde is a Social Crusader & Public Affairs Analyst, writes from Ilesa, State of Osun. [email protected]

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