Jonathan running incompetent, flip-flop Presidency -APC

By The Citizen

The All Progressives Congress has described as 'a cruel irony' the accusation of inconsistency and double standards

levelled against its leaders by the Presidency.
The party said 'an incompetent and flip-flopping administration had no moral authority to point an accusing finger at anyone, least of all the patriotic and respectable' APC leadership.

'The presidency is behaving like a punch-drunk boxer who, clearly dazed by a barrage of right-on-target punches from the opponent, ran to the ropes and started punching the air, when he should be thinking of a comeback strategy,' the party said in a statement in Lagos on Monday by its Interim National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed.

'This presidency is definitely dazed from its own failings, the collapse of the party that sired it and the opprobrium being poured on it daily by Nigerians, who are grossly disappointed at its woeful performance and clear lack of direction. We are therefore not

surprised that in addition to incompetence and cluelessness, it has now resorted to twisting facts.'

APC challenged the Presidency to tell Nigerians when the party called on President Jonathan to respond to former President Olusegun Obasanjo's scorching letter, as claimed by the Presidency on Monday.

'What we said, in our press release, dated December 13 2013 and entitled 'APC to Jonathan: Don't take Nigeria back to Abacha days', was that President Jonathan should address the allegations that he has put 1,000 Nigerians on a 'political watch-list', in addition to training snipers at the same facility where Abacha's killer squad was trained.

'Even then, our grouse with the President's letter is not that he should not have responded, but that he should have exhibited a high

level of decorum in his response, bearing in mind that the Presidency is an institution that should not be dragged into the mud, while the president is only a tenant.'