By Uche Onwuchekwa

Prince Eze Madumere, Imo Deputy Governor, yesterday, Wednesday, January 1, 2014, at an event of leadership of Owerri Zone shut Capt. Iheanacho up saying he was a member and a beneficiary of the party, PDP, that misruled Imo State for twelve years.

Speaking at an event, Prince Madumere, the highest Political Office holder in Imo State Government in Owerri Zone, reeled out numerous achievements of Owelle Rochas Okorocha led governments, which he said every one of them is benefitting one way or the other. He challenged PDP for which Capt. Emmanuel Iheanacho is a member to account for the people of Imo State twelve years they were in power.

He also reminded Iheanacho and the leadership of Owerri people of what the security situation used to be before the emergence of Governor Okorocha.

"I am not here for a campaign but I am happy that everybody still feel comfortable being outside their homes even at past 10 pm without any fear of molestation or being attacked. if it were before, every one would have retired to their homes at about 7 pm. You know what, that is Rescue Mission in action".

He further narrated how under the watchful eyes of PDP, which Capt. Iheanacho benefitted in the past administration squandered the common wealth of Imo people. Narrating further, he said the schools were falling apart as Imo had a very devastating teacher-students ratio while the school structures where left to rot. He reminded the people of the 305 school buildings that on going in 305 wards in Imo State while education has been made free under the leadership of Owelle Rochas Okorocha. He queried if any of the people present could not attest to the road revolution and other infrastructural developments both in the communities and in Urban areas.

He called on the leadership of Obiri-Ukwu Owerri led by High Chief Uche Njoku, the President General of the body to be fair in their decisions while saying that despite the fact he remains the highest political office holder from Owerri Zone and with their agitation, he remains where his boss Owelle Rochas Okorocha is. He pledged his support for the body and called on them to reach out to him in whatever way they want him to come in.

Speaking earlier Capt. Emmanuel Iheanacho at the interactive session organized by Obiri-Ukwu Owerri said he will be taking a shot at the governorship elections with a conviction that he has got the needed wealth to so do. While also saying he would be interested to contribute his own quota in the governance of Imo State castigating other administrations without precisely pointing at any government.

It will be recalled that Captain Iheanacho was a Minister of the Federal Republic in 2010 and a chieftain of PDP when Imo was under siege in the hands of the worst leadership ever known in Imo State.

Meanwhile, Chief Uche Njoku said the body will serve as a rallying body for Owerri Zone and was advised Chief Marcon Nlemigbo, the former PDP Chairman warned the body to maintain the posture of an unbiased body and should not be allowed to be swallowed by one party. Nlemigbo sai d he would not hesitate to withdraw whatever support for the body the moment such is noticed whether covertly or overtly.

Chief Nlemigbo also appealed to Owerri leaders to have a succession plan rather than bringing those who would bring shame to their people due to lack of experience and depraved character. He also called on Imo people to join in the revolution that is on going in the country warning against sit tight for sectionalism while other groups fighting and reap from the system.

Imo Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere (MFR) in a chat with Capt. Emmanuel Iheanacho during an interactive outing organized by Obiri-Ukwu Owerri at Concorde Hotel, Owerri yesterday


Imo Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere has called on Imo people and Nigerians to embrace and support All Progressives Congress to deliver Nigeria from its present state of confusion due to bad leadership.

Prince Madumere who also represented Governor Okorocha made this comment at Oru West at the residence of the Deputy Speaker of Imo House of Assembly, Pharm. Donatus Ozoemenam, who played host to the leadership and the people of the Local Government.

He described the Chairman of the Progressive Governors of Nigeria, Owelle Rochas Okorocha as a man who do not just have the interest of Ndi Igbo at heart but want Nigeria to be delivered from its set back owing to long years of misrule.

He called on the people to refrain from reclusive politics and join forces with Governor Okorocha and progressives in APC to making Imo, Igbo land and Nigeria realize her potential that has remained elusive.

Prince Madumere said the days of the of sectional parties are over as Nigeria is tilting towards becoming a two-party State. He further opined that with what Owelle Rochas Okorocha led government has done, it supposes that the people will always support the government. He however reminded them that for them to be properly situated in the scheme of things, there is need for holistic embrace of APC to change the government at the centre.

Speaking earlier, Imo House of Assembly Deputy Speaker said he had called a Praise and Worship get together and to dine and wine with his people while reeling out his scorecard to the people.