In some parts of Nigeria, though, it happens intermittently, it may be the most dangerous budge to be around the bank for any reason. It is as dangerous as a war zone and it is not only the life of the bankers, banks securities and the customers that are tormented during the Bank robbery, the bystanders may lose their lives in the hand of stray bullets. Friends told me they feel the way I feel, absolutely unsecure while transacting with banks these days.

It is no more news that the gang of armed robber s in country bounced on BANKS and robbed conveniently like there is no security agent, off which there is but inferior to confront the thunderous fire of the BANK ROBBERS who are always ready to kill not only any available police man but as many lives as the stray bullets can burn.

This is the peak of heartlessness where ARMED BANK RUBBERS will not only rob the BANKS but rob the innocent citizens of their lives. No God can forgive such a burglar except HE is not the creator of the lives. No theory of law will oppose death sentence for such robbers who distribute death with stray bullets.

Many Bank robbery incidents where experience in Lagos state, Oyo state, Osun state and other states of Nigeria. Closer to me are the ugly scenario of Bank robbery of Kwara State and Osun state between year 2012 and 2013. The Banks in Omu Aran, one of the towns in Kwara state has witness more than one ugly experience of Bank Robbery and the experience is still fresh in their memory and never wants to witness it again. Another town in Kwara state in the last two years had it own bitter experience of Bank robbery where more than two Banks were blown up and robbed simultaneously. Ikirun, a town in Osun state was visited by the deadly armed robbers who robbed banks and killed many people in the Banks and outside the Bank premises.

Why is Bank robbery persistent? The people of Ofa, (a town in Kwara state) witness what they only hear and watch in the firm few days to Christmas when the Banks was invaded by Armed Bank Robbers who were glaringly thirsty of blood. They did not only burgled the Banks that are situated closely, but also killed many Banks customers, bankers and the police men.

What is a threat to lives and properties if not this kind brouhaha that causes unimaginable fear to the citizen and impede the economic growth of the country? I wonder what the fundamental role of government is if not the protection of lives and properties. I quickly enquire what steps has our government taken to put immediate stop to this? It is a worthless government, be it Federal government or State government that folds her limb and watch another Bank robbery happening in Kwara state or any part of Nigeria. Such government has terribly failed as a government and it is not a sin to displace such a government when it cannot secure the lives and properties of the citizen while she feeds on their tax.

The Kwara state government, Federal government and the government of other states in Nigeria need to quickly assess themselves as the reoccurrence of Bank robbery and loss of lives (in the process) is a pointer to their failure. They (the government) hate hearing the bitter truth but we have told another one, the more the Bank robbery (in Kwara State or any part of the country) the more the worthlessness of these scrounging government.


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