Dear Gen. Mohammadu Buhari, you would recall that on the 18 December, 2013, i wrote a letter to you, If you like this is a continuation of the same letter. GMB i recall in 2002 the joy i nurtured in my stomach when you joined partisan politics. My joy was not predicated on the fact you would perform magic, but on the fact that finally, here is a man with principles that i can give me vote.

That joy saw me support you all the way up to the 2011 election. Sir, it is difficult to talk about my support for you without unwittingly engaging in self adulation, but i hope it would be tolerated. You will recall how tortuous it's been traversing the murky waters of Nigerian politics. Blackmail, intimidation and even threat to life, are a common feature. You have not be immuned to these, because you have been accused of making 'misguided' statements, which keeps rearing its ugly head each time you seek to contest an election. But I have showed unalloyed loyalty not just to you, but to the pricinciples which I think you represent.

GMB my support for you has not been without cost. I have had issues with friends and family who tagged me an Islamist and someone who would dare support another candidate against his 'brother'. I guess they meant supporting a Muslim instead of a Christian. But I am unperturbed, because I am hardly moved by issues of religion and ethnicity. I believe the best and most qualified person should get the job regardless of who he is or what religion he belongs. In 2011, i decided to observe the election because i felt we were rigged out in the previous elections. Against warnings, i went to trouble spots to observe and monitor the elections. I may not have succeeded in preventing the rigging of the said elections, but i was glad i made that sacrifice because my motivation and driving force was my principle. GMB sir, i dare ask, where lies your principles today?

Sir, i know you to be a man who will not break his principle for any reason whatsoever. But events in recent times is making me to have a rethink. Firstly, you aligned with individuals with questions of corruption and integrity hanging on their necks. Some may say it is because of your desire to save Nigeria. But let me ask you sir, Is it a desire to save Nigerians from the PDP or a desire to save Nigerians from the strong holds of poverty, hunger, bad leadership etc?

Secondly, you have been busy courting individuals i know you would not want to have anything to do with politically. Your recent attitude is giving a credence to the popular saying that, "if you cannot beat them, you join them". Why would be you to join them? They ought to join you sir, considering your pedigree.

GMB sir, these days, i am inclined to believe that you are driven more by ambition than a genuine love to salvage this country. And i sincerely doubt if you would be able to achieve that ambition considering the fact that Nigerians are wiser now. Let me hasten to remind you that your new friends are also notorious betrayers.

In my letter to you on your birthday, i told you not to contest in 2015, but to support a younger candidate. My reason was hinged on the fact that you would be 73. Now i have a better reason not to support you. Imagine you meeting with Obasanjo, a man i know you have never liked. I also said you should consider Col. Abubakar Dangiwa Umar, but you no longer have that right to do that, because, your new associates are men who have collectively conspired against Nigeria and have brought it to its knees. Sir i need to warn that you would soon lose the love and admiration of Nigerians if you don't retrace your steps.

I remain committed to the struggle for a better Nigeria and i know that you have merely shelved your patriotism, but has not completely abandoned it. The principle that propelled me to support you is grossly missing in you and i would want to see it back. Happy new year sir.

Yours Sincerely,
Frank O. Ijege
[email protected]
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