Don't invite the military, Gowon tells Obasanjo, others


Former head of state, Gen. Yakubu Gowon yesterday spoke passionately against the way and manner some Nigerian leaders make statements that have generated tension in the country.

At a book launch in Abuja, Gowon warned the leaders to watch what they say this time when most Nigerians were apprehensive of the future of the country, especially as the 2015 elections approach. Gowon's plea for caution may not be

unconnected with the utterances of some politicians threatening to make the country ungovernable if they did produce the next president and an open letter written to President Goodluck Jonathan by former President Olusegun

Since the letter was made public by the media during the week it had continued to generate mixed reactions from Nigerians. Worried by comments and counter statements by politicians, Gowon said he was saddened by the development in the country. He reminded Nigerians of similar development in prior to the demise of the second republic in

1983 which culminated in the takeover of government by the military.

He added that Nigeria cannot afford another bad experience of leadership squabbles, Gowon said that the gains of democracy must not be truncated by disagreement among politicians

competing for positions.
Obasanjo in the latter had accused President
Jonathan of not doing enough to tackle corruption and pursing personal interest instead of that of the ruling People's Democratic Party

The most controversial part of the letter was Jonathan's alleged training of a killer squad and putting 1,000 people on the security agencies' watch list.