Why Nollywood Movies Loose Patronage...American/Mexican Take Over The Market

Source: Alayande Dayo - Nigeriafilms.com

Now and then, Nigerians have deviated from watching Nollywood home videos to American films. In fairness, in spite of their gullibility, are a set of people you cannot fool all of the time. Yes, we can be very patriotic and also loves patriots from other lands who cherish their own. If you are a fan of Hollywood, you must have noticed that American movies and news are made to showcase only the good sides of America. Americans will never want you to watch for entertainment thousands of homeless lots and crack-heads living in the Streets of Los Angeles and New York and other major US cities, begging for a Dollar. Hollywood movies only tell you that all Americans are beautiful, sexy and good looking, although, in reality, half of Americans are either obese or overweight. Hollywood movies show that all Americans are rich and happy yet, in reality, most Americans are also looking to survive like every other nationality elsewhere.

But, trust Nigerian entertainers; the next movie is waiting for the next tragedy to happen, and the flick is already a success! Besides, some other ugly things you find about our own movies down here is, you can predict what follows a scene, though you do not feature in it. Something like, the bad guy confessing his sins in the end; ladies in movies sleeping and waking up with their makeup on; slapping one another as the most potent form of reacting to a challenge; going religious as the last and final solution to problems; and more.
And you can tell this is the reason an average Nigerian who has never visited US think America is Heaven and struggle to see it.
Meanwhile, we sampled the opinion of some Nigerians on this topic and below are the responses you get…

Udeamadi Paul: The reason is very simple. Nigerian home videos lack interesting and educating contents. And they get funny titles.

Akin Ojo: >/b>our home videos are very predictable and lack the finesse you see in American videos.

Esther: American films are more meaningful than our own.

Adewunmi: my first observation is, Nigerians don't appreciate what we have. Also, Nigerian videos do not make sense; in fact, some go as far as repeating other people's films.

Peace Nwajiobi: American movies are more creative and educative, there is no way you will watch American movies and you won't learn new things about life.

Beckley: I don't call what Nollywood does, movies. You can call them drama or comedy. Our movies lack total finesse. We also don't work on the finishing line, no continuity.

After speaking to these few Nigerians we went up to a retailer on the streets, we saw many American films in his shop which he placed outside and he kept few Nollywood movies outside, I asked him why, he has this to say:

Benard: I can't deceive myself to be a patriotic Nigerian citizen, I don't make enough sales from Nigerian movies, sometimes people buy and return it with one complaint or the other, only God knows whether they have watched it and then returned it because it wasn't interesting. Pirates have taken over our industry, Nigerians are wonderful people they even pirate American films, I don't want to talk too much but the fact remains that we are still producing drama in style".

What can we say! Nigerians have said it all.

We guess this few Nigerians said well or you have another opinion entirely?

NB: Please, feel free to say your views too.