2015 Elections: Al-Qaeda Doles Out $500 Million To Boko Haram

Source: pointblanknews.com

Al-Qaeda, the dreaded International Islamist terrorist group, recently

doled out a whooping $500 Million, an equivalent of N80 Billion to Boko

Haram for the purchase of arms and high caliber weapons to begin an

orchestrated attack ahead of the 2015 general elections,

pointblanknews.com has been reliably informed.
The $500 Million (N80 Billion), is specifically meant to remove “infidels”

in Government and ensure that Muslim candidates from the North emerge in

2015 as part of the Sect's plan to Islamize Nigeria.

Boko Haram had said part of its demands is for Nigeria to be ruled under

the Sharia Law and for President Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian from the

Minority south to convert to Islam.
The National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki, (retd.) recently

confirmed that the international terror organization, Al Qaeda, has made

inroads into Nigeria's security system.
Although Dasuki did not give details of the inroads made by Al-Qaeda but

sources said the NSA was merely confirming security reports that Boko

Haram has been bolstered by financial supports it received from the

international terrorist organization.
“What the NSA said was just a tip into the current situation. Boko Haram

is now very rich. They just received about $500 Million from Al-Qaeda and

that has greatly energized them,” the source told pointblanknews.com.

Fighters from Boko Haram had marched into Maiduguri city recently in

pick-up trucks and on motorcycles, before opening fire with rockets and

small arms on a military base, signaling the launch of its new tactics and

Security sources told pointblanknews.com that Boko Haram had told Al-Qaeda

that it needed $1 Billion to remove “infidels” ruling Nigeria and install

Muslims who will help to Islamize Nigeria.
The Security sources said Boko Haram leaders told the leadership of

Al-Qaeda that the Islamization of Nigeria, the most populous black nation

is key in the quest to Islamize West Africa.
After considering the request, sources said Al-Qaeda released an initial

$500 Million calculated to be N80 Billion at the exchange rate of N160 per

The International terror group plans to release additional funds upon

review of Boko Haram success
Pointblanknews.com gathered that some politicians from the Northern

extractions who are bent on having political power returned to the North

aided the receipt of the funds to Boko Haram.
A source confirmed that some top Northern leaders are currently under

scrutiny for helping Boko Haram receive the cash donation from Al-Qaeda.

The Northern leaders under investigation are also accused of giving cover

to members of the Sect.
“Al-Qaeda did not send the funds through Banks or any conventional method,

they used some people and we are currently investigating and as soon as we

are through, those found guilty will be prosecuted according to the law,”

a source hinted.
A security source knowledgeable with the current trend of Boko Haram who

preferred to be anonymous confirmed that the sect has only recently

received the sums and has started purchase of weapons.

“They have the money now and they are getting weapons as we speak.”

According to the source, “we are also tracking down the source of the

weapons they are buying and we are almost done with that.”

Pointblanknews.com gathered that the current weapons being purchased by

Boko Haram are of more sophistication than those used by the Soldiers

stationed in the North East region.
A source who want to remain anonymous said Boko Haram currently outnumbers

the current Military strength on ground in the North East region of

“We have it on good authority that from the funding they recently

received, they have recruited more people and paying them well too.”

According to him, “they have a new plan now to destabilize the country

ahead of the 2015 general elections because they had told Al-Qaeda that

the country is currently being ruled by infidels and that they have what

it takes to Islamize Nigeria.”