Ekiti 2014: Who Is Bisi Omoyeni?

By Bisi Omoyeni For Ekiti Revival (BOFER)
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This booklet is a compact compilation of the personality profile of a highly resourceful, pragmatic and unassuming gentleman, tangible teacher, a philanthropist, a man of transparent honesty, a dynamic socio-political tactician, a distinguished academician, an indefatigable achiever, a lover of truth, a seasoned administrator and a diligent worker.

He is His Excellency Adebisi Jeremiah Omoyeni, fondly called Bisi Omoyeni. Here is a man who from a very humble background rose through a Divine part way to the destined greatness of occupying the positions of MD/CEO of a reputable bank and Deputy Governor of Ekiti State among others.

His Excellency Adebisi Omoyeni is a man that is naturally loved and admired by people of; a democrat and pivot of mass mobilization; a man who achieves greatness through assiduousness, self-will and sheer determination; a good listener; a man that remains unruffled even at the height of unwarranted intimidation and provocation; a man with critical thinking skills. He is a strong advocate of unity, peace and progress of our great country, Nigeria. He believes in Mega changes in the social, economic and political sectors and these must be driven by the current generation of Nigerians.

It is with good spirit and self confidence that his Excellency Adebisi Omoyeni has declared his intention to contest election in 2014 as the Executive Governor of Ekiti State.


(a) His Father Late Chief Omotayo Gabriel Omoyeni was the father of Bisi Omoyeni. Chief Gabriel Omoyeni was a member of Oisa Ayelegun compound, Odo Oja, Ikere-Ekiti. He was a farmer and a cocoa merchant of high repute. He was known and respected by all and sundry for his forthrightness diligence and willingness to help the less privileged in the society.

Chief Gabriel Omoyeni was a devoted Christian and Baba Egbe of the Holy Trinity Anglican church, Odo Oja, Ikere-Ekiti. Needless to say that, his moral and financial contributions and commitment to the ministry of God were immeasurable and noticeable before he could be installed as Baba Egbe. The position of Baba Egbe was not obviously meant for mediocre but for the hardworking devoted followers of Christ.

Baba used to say “If God has helped you, and then you must help others". In line with this statement, many people who could not have personal contact with Bisi Omoyeni were able to get solutions to their various problems from him through his father.

(b) His Mother, Mrs. Bosede Beatrice Omoyeni is the mother of Bisi Omoyeni. She is a daughter of late Pa Salawu Oladeji of Odoba compound, Odo Aremu, Ado-Ekiti. This Pa Salawu was the elder brother of late pa Gidado of the same Odoba family in Ado-Ekiti. Mrs. Bosede Omoyeni is a trader and still hale and hearty. She is fairly literate woman like her husband. Behind a successful woman there is a good woman, her husband lived a successful and enviable life as a result of support he received from her and the assistance of God.

© His Birth, Bisi Omoyeni was born and bred at Ikere-Ekiti under the tutelage of his biological parents. The 16th day of January,1958 was the day appointed and blessed by God for our little baby boy to be born into this world. He found himself in the midst of a family already devoted to the tenets of Christianity and continued to grow with the fear of the God.

(d) His Wife,The wife of Bisi Omoyeni is a Barrister (Mrs.) Ayoade Mercy Omoyeni, the amiable and respectful daughter of the late Oba (sir) Olateru Olagbegi of Owo kingdom in Ondo state. The marriage has been blessed with successful and obedient children. Mrs. Ayoade Mercy Omoyeni always remains the source of joy, blessings and happiness to her husband.


Like his sisters and brothers, he was not denied of the right of education at the appropriate time; he was promptly taken to the school for enrolment when he was of age.

(a) The Primary Education
One faithful morning in 1964, Mr. Funso Omoyeni the elder brother of Bisi Omoyeni held him by the right hand and took him along to the Holy Trinity primary School, Odo Oja, Ikere-Ekiti where he started and completed his Primary Education in 1969.

(b) The Modern School and Secondary Education
Between 1970 and 71, Bisi Omoyeni was a student at St. Benedict Modern School, Ikere-Ekiti before he proceeded to Amoye Grammar School, Ikere-Ekiti in 1971 and completed his secondary education 1975.

(c) Teachers' Training College
He was at the St. John Mary's Teachers Training College, Owo between 1976 and 1977 for a year course.

(d) The University Education
In 1979, Bisi Omoyeni was admitted into the then University of Ife, (now Obafemi Awolowo, Ile-Ife) to study Demography but after a session he crossed into the University of Lagos, Akoka Yaba, Lagos where he graduated with a B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Insurance in 1983.

Having left the University of Ife in 1980 for the University of Lagos with first class result, he was awarded Federal Government Merit/Scholarship as the best student in Insurance and Actuarial Sciences Department in 1981.

A man with unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Bisi Omoyeni followed up his first degree with two additional postgraduate degrees. He later went back into the University of Lagos to obtain Masters in Banking and Finance (MBF) and International Law and Relation in 1991 and 1993 respectively.

(e) Informal Education
Bisi Omoyeni equally received the necessary informal education from his parents, peer group and kinsmen. He has learnt a lot about culture, history, tradition and custom of his tribe and others from the elderly people; these values he imbibed as a child during his home training and interaction with people. His vivacious interaction and close infirmity with the member of his traditional age group at Ikere have earned him more respect and recognition as a respecter of Yoruba culture.


Little wonder, Bisi Omoyeni has continued to excel in all his endeavors. He had his first work experience in life as a tangible teacher at both St. Michael primary school, Ise–Ekiti and L.A. primary school, Ilawe-Ekiti.

As a youth corps member with the Nigerian National Petroleum corporation(NNPC) Lagos, he demonstrated remarkably as an astute Administrator and professional.

However, he lectured at the polytechnic Ibadan immediately after the National service for a brief period before his foray into the private sector, where he made his mark as a banker of repute.

A distinguished banker, Bisi Omoyeni cut his professional teeth with Hogg Robinson Nigeria ltd. Lagos where he started as a broker. he moved to continental loss adjusters, Lagos where, he was the manager and later joined the service of wema bank in 1987 as assistance manager 11. His sterling management skills put the bank on the cutting edge of highly competitive world of modern banking, endearing himself in the process, to workers and shareholders alike. it is worthy of note that Bisi Omoyeni was given double promotions from assistant general manager to general manager in august 1993,as a result of his outstanding performance during the financial year, thereby by passing the deputy general manager level and this is the first of its kind in the history of the 65 year old bank.

Consequent upon his appointment as assistant manager 11 in 1987 at wema bank, he rose to the top in banking career.

1. Assistant manager2-17/3/87-31/3/88
2. Assistant manager1- 1/4/88-31/3/89
3. Manager 2 1/4/89/-31/3/91
4. Manager1 1/4/91- 31/3/91
5. Senior manager2 1/4/92 -31/3/93
6. Senior manager 1 1/4/93 -31/3/94
7. Principal manager2 1/4/94 -31/3/96
8. Principal manager 1/4/96-31/3/97
9. Assistant General Manager 1/4/97-7/5/98
10. General Manager 8/5/98-30/6/99
11. Executive Director 1/7/99- 23/6/02
(Resources Managements Service)
12. Executive Director 23/4/02-7/4/03
(Investing International Banking)
13. Executive Director 7/4/03-30/6/04
(Investment Banking and Public Sector)
14. Executive Director 1/7/04-31/10/05
(Retail Banking)
15. Leave of Absence 4/10/05-6/12/05
(Ekiti State Deputy Governor)
16. Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer 7/12/05-2008

b. During his entry point as Assistant Manager 2 to the Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the bank, Bisi Omoyemi had served as member and chairman of the following committee the bank.

1. Member: Asset/Liability Committee (ALCO)
2. Member: cost control sub-committee(CCCO)
3. Member :Management Committee
4. Member: Tenders Committee
5. Member: Information Technology steering Committee

6. Member: New product Committee
7. Member :Operations Committee of the Board of Directors

8. Member: Establishment Committee of the Board of Directors

9. Member :Executive Management Committee (EMC)
10. Member :Credit and Finance Committee of the Board

11. Member : Credit and Investment Committee of the Management

12. Chairman: Trustees of the staff Pension fund (self Administer Scheme)

13. Chairman: Fixed Asset Numbering Co.
The course of event has practically justified Bisi Omoyeni as an innovator and a man of great ideas. His personal contributions to the development of Wema bank cannot be underestimated. When many workers in private and public establishments would only think of their personal emoluments, Bisi Omoyeni, as a member of staff of WEMA Bank was busy ruminating on those viable ideas and progressive innovations that have sustained the bank in the midst of storm. He actually initiated and executed many noble ideas in nearly all the positions he served to make the bank enviable, viable, and strong autonomous and reliable.

He took the bank through the consolidation era within 30 days to beat the 1st January 2006 CBN deadline, a job the previous management of the bank could not do for more than one year.

Great achievers and trail blazers are fundamentally and historical object of envy and attacks in most societies of the world. In this regard, the exceptional and prodigious performance of Bisi Omoyeni both as a student, teacher, banker and politician cannot but attract petty jealousy, envy, conspiracy and even attack of some sinister groups and individuals for their selfish and unproductive motives.

What was the offence of the biblical Joseph among his brothers? Simply Joseph was a gifted boy and loved by his father. With the gifts, blessings and grace the Almighty God had naturally endowed Joseph with, which has manifested in him even at a tender age, he was so much despised and hated by his biological brothers to the extent of consigning him to slavery, but as it pleased God, the darkness was eventually overshadowed by the bright light. 'Nazareth' exclaimed Nathaniel, 'can anything good come from there?' John 1:46. The fact remains that, the topmost position of the MD/CEO of Wema bank was never occupied by any bank in 1945, when God eventually promoted him to this aberration, became jittery and highly uncomfortable with his prudence, innovation and high sense of accountability.

Of course the administration of Bisi Omoyeni as MD/CEO was a period of revolution in Wema bank but unfortunately some people were highly resistible to change for their obnoxious and sentimental tendencies. They were also opposed to the leadership of Bisi Omoyeni because of his diligence, affinity with Ekiti indigenes and due consideration he gave them as members of Oodua state.

What is good for the goose is equally good for the gander; and sentiment apart, He cannot be blamed for restoring the lost glory of the Ekitis and opportunities that had eluded them in the bank. He actually corrected some anomalies and put Ekiti in the rightful positions in the affairs of the bank without prejudice to other shareholders.

The righteous man can face tribulations but he shall triumph over it. Some cliques actually plotted against the leadership of Bisi Omoyeni but God gave him victory over his enemies in all circumstances.

Anything that has a beginning must have surely come to an end. Bisi Omoyeni has meritoriously and successfully served in Wema Bank for a period of 21 years before he resigned as Group MD/CEO in 2008. The good records and enviable legacies are there for others to emulate.


Bisi Omoyeni is not only a proud emblem of Ekiti people, He is a beacon of hope of a better tomorrow for Nigeria in general. He has considerably shown interest in the affairs and development of Ekiti even as a worker in the private sector. He remains one of the people who have not allowed the pride of their achievements to run through their veins. There is no doubt He belong to the highest echelon of the society but you can hardly notice this in him during hid interaction s with the people at the grassroots.

He does not hesitate to dine and wine with his peer groups and kinsmen. In the process, he was able to identify with their problems and proffer the necessary solutions. Don't be surprised, Bisi Omoyemi often fluently speaks Ekiti dialect more than those who have not travelled out of the hilly region since their birth. He is highly sociable, devoted to his family, friends and community and discharges his duties always as a source of hope and aspiration to them. He is a good listener and assistance giver. He performs his social responsibilities amongst his peer groups and indeed, he has learnt a lot policy from them.

Omoyeni sense of communal service and helping people is legendary. While in Wema bank, he made sure Ekiti people got their share of all available opportunities most especially in area of employments for young graduates of Ekiti origin. His guiding philosophy has always been that, a man or a woman with a good job will be of more value to the large community and his or her immediate and extended families.

With assistance from God through the influence of Bisi Omoyeni, more than twenty(20) branches including the regional headquarters of Wema bank were established in different parts of Ekiti and about seven hundred(700) suitably qualified Ekiti indigenes were gainfully employed to serve in different departments and cadres of the bank. Contractors and consultant of Ekiti extraction were also adequately considered for various opportunities. To date, he still exhibits affection for his community and maintains excellent relationship with the members.

He also built a maternity Centre at the Old garage in Ado Ekiti and beautification of Adekunle Fajuyi Round about Ado-Ekiti.


As a devout Christian and Jerusalem pilgrim (JP), Bisi Omoyeni strongly relies on the power of prayers and God's guidance in the execution of his personal and official responsibilities. He is a member of The Redeemed Christian Church God. He is a key promoter of peaceful inter-religious co-existence of Nigerians.


For his personal reasons, Bisi Omoyeni has not accepted all the chieftaincy titles proposed to him in different towns and villages across the country including his own town. In view of this, the Ogoga of Ikere has honored him with the special title and appellation, Omo-ayiye' meaning a very excellent and indispensible son.

The honor and appellation 'Omo-Ayiye' given to Bisi Omoyeni was in recognition of his historic and immense contributions to the development of man and society in all facets of human endeavor.

We,therefore present before you,this humble,thorough breed professional,a man immense experience,an home-based politician,a leader with international exposure,a man born in the heartbeats of Ekiti State,a lover of the elites,a father of the youth,a friend of the commoners.

Finally,with the VOTING STRENGHT of IKERE-EKITI,His hometown and that of His Mother from ADO-EKITI, He will be an asset to PDP

Produced by Bisi Omoyeni for Ekiti Revival(BOFER)