Warning From God

By Evangelist Enyinnaya Thompson



Return it back everything you stole from people and do restitution if you don't do it no heaven for you. Ezekiel. 33:14-15

1. Playing of worldly music or using it as a ring tone is sin

2. Wearing uniform in burial & perfume is sin Isaiah. 3:16-24

3. Having calendar of Jesus Christ picture is sin

4. Mourning after burial of person and hatred and stingy is sin

5. Weaving with your natural hair as a woman short gown is sin

6. Putting weavon and relaxer and thread and mini skirt is sin

7. Putting of attachment and per cake and short skirt is sin

8. Putting of wool and women wearing tight, torn gown is sin

9. Any Pastor that compromise word of God no heaven for him

10. Wearing of sleeveless outside your room, is sin

11. Women wearing trouser is sin (Deuteronomy. 22:5)

12. Wearing of chain watch and any chain / ring is sin

13. Wearing of bangles, necklace, earring, wedding ring is sin (Ezekiel 7:19-21 Genesis 35: 2, deception and defile is sin.

14. Putting on eye lashes and wet lips and disobedience is sin

15. Bleaching of body and gossiping idolatry, greed is sin

16. Lipstick, eye pencil, cortex, finger nails & body spray is sin

17. Wearing of singlet as a man outside your room is sin

18. Not paying your tithe or going to church late is sin (Malachi 3:10). Those things you are putting on is belongs to devil.

19. Any name attached with idol whether your father's name or you is sin and wearing of jean and apron and bum short is sin

20. Barbing of hair style as a woman or man is sin

21. Sagging, unforgiveness, abortion fighting & adultery is sin.

22. If you don't have the 9 fruits of holyspirit no heaven for you

23. Smoking cigarette, doing Ashebi and cross-bearer is sin

24. Playing gambling or pool and drinking of any alcohol is sin

25. Opening Hairdressing saloon as business is sin

26. Any barbering saloon barbering hair style is sin

27. Any pastor wedding people with wedding ring, wedding sleeveless is going to hell fire. Carrying corps into the church is sin. Watching of Wrestling, blue films & colour films is sin. not paying your wife dowry and a man marrying 2 wives is sin

28. Fornication, stealing, lying, killing, bitterness, pride are sin

29. No divorcee will enter heaven (Deuteronomy 22: 29)

30. Any woman wearing Torn Skirt& any artificial beauty is sin

31. Any woman wearing sleeveless outside the room is sin

32. Any woman wearing pinging skirt and covetciousness is sin

33. Any woman wearing show back and show your chest is sin

34. Anybody putting tattoo on his body is sin Leviticus 19 : 28

35. Any woman doing palming on your hair is sin

36. Any tailor sowing these clothes (pinging skirt, torn skirts, trouser for women) for them will not see God and you are going to hell fire.37. Their hair shall be low cut, both female and male (no style). God is not a respecter of any body

38. all these things you see here is from pit of hellfire

Billions of people are in hellfire because of those sins

There is three type of churches in the world today

The churches Antichrist is controlling

Roman Catholic Church and Peculiar Church

Recovering House and Living Word Ministry

Christ Embassy Church and Winners Chapel Church

Salvation Ministry Church and Revival Assembly Church Dominion City Church a and Jehovah's Witness Church

Destine Assemble Church and Living Church

First Born Church and Jesus Brethren Church

Latter-day Saints Church and TB Joshua – Synagogue Church

2 John 1:10,11 THIS IS BLASPHEMY (Philippians 3:18-19)

Let them repent and stop women wearing trousers entering church and opening their hair

Any church where women wear trousers and opening of hair is Antichrist Church. John 12:48, Luke 13:24, Ezekiel 3:17-19

God told the Roman Catholic to go out from catholic, because they are worshipping idol and image, and no Catholic will enter heaven (Deut 5:8).. Using negative words towards people is sin. Rosaries, medals, sacramental's status is certificate to hellfire Judgment will start from church (1 Peter 4:17-18)

No Muslim will enter heaven except they repent (Deuteronomy 4:19). Supporting of football, cannibal and festival is sin.

Anybody that attend church only Sunday and did not attend other activities in the church will not enter heaven.

Jewelries and ornaments and evil barb and evil dressings and those make-ups, they are certificate to hellfire (Romans 1:26-32

God told Jehovah witness to stop deceiving people and let them repent because none of them will enter heaven.

People that use Sunday to make money no heaven for them

The church trying to do the will of God are:

1. Deeper Life

2. Watchman Charismatic and other once are coming up

opening of beer parlour&selling of attachment& jewelries is sin

the church that Antichrist is about to control or trying to control or they are doing talk of war.

Anglican Church and Assemblies of God Church

Apostolic Church and Mountain of Fire Church

Redeemed Pentecostal Church and Redeemed Christian Church

Presbyterian church and Methodist Church

Pentecostal Church and United Evangelical Church

ECWA Church and Seventh Day Adventist Church

Church of Christ and Christ Ascension Church

There are many other of that I cannot mention.

Without Holiness, Righteousness, Salvation, Sanctification nobody can see God. (Isaiah 11: 8-11, 2Corinthians . 6: 14-17)

Anybody that is using another person's result/ certificate to get admission or work will go and return it back and do restitution and if you don't go it there will be no Heaven for you.

Any pastor cannot preach against those things and stop the congregations putting on those things and wearing those things is not working for God and pastors and his members will end up in hell fire. Their hair shall be low-cut both Male and Female, Any pastor is using hanker-chief and anointing oil and soap and water is not working for God. And such pastor will Go to HELL-FIRE! Any pastor allowed peoples wearing those things you see here, that pastor is not working for God and that pastor will go to hellfire. Wearing Knicker burger in the church and Barbing hair Punk, Galaxy, Front & Back, Skin, Afro, Obama, Gajuoz , Carving, and all the styles. Wearing shirt showing your chest, body hug, candle, insects is sin.

Any woman that wearing skirts that showing her shape is sin.

Any company that is producing all these no heaven for them

Anything that did not glorify God will not enter heaven. Pastors and their congregations doing all those things they will cry and regret and end up in hell fire. Some Pastors and their members is out of the way of God and Jesus is crying everyday because of our attitude and our dressing and God is angry because of that, God is not God of apron and the mercy of God is running out Pastors they can hide the truth word of God but they cannot hide the presence of God. Matt. 24:2. Malak. 4:1desist from sin

Jesus said anyone doing this things or putting on this things, they will not enter heaven. So repent now. I am raising my bible up to declare that your blood is no longer on my head.

My name is Evang. Enyinnaya Thompson from Nigeria

Phone: 08069415006. God bless you thank you.

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