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Shocking Story: The Half Dead Nigerian Who Was Deported To Nigeria Back To UK

Appeals For Dismiassal And Prosecution Of Theresa May
By Marxist Kola
Theresa May
Theresa May

Isa Muaza,a half dead Nigerian from Maiduguri who was on hunger strike for 100 days at Harmondsworth Detention Centre was deported to Nigeria on Friday by the British Government but was rejected by Nigerian authorities when the chartered plane which cost British Tax-payers' money about £110,000 was not allow to land in Nigeria. The sick asylum-seeker was sent back to United Kingdom via Malta after 2o hours.

It is extremely barbaric, satanic, 'jezebelistic' and shameful for the Home Secretary, A racist, (Theresa May) to have contemplated deporting a man who is very close to his grave to his country. Not only does it make her look callous, it makes her look incompetent, It is not good for someone who sees herself as a successor to David Cameron.

Shame on Theresa May, who is introducing racism back to the system.

The She devil should be charge to Court for wasting about £110,000 British tax payers' money on frivolous and failed exercise and also be charge for crime against humanity.

I want to use this medium to thank Human rights Activists in UK including the actors Juliet Stevenson and Dame Harriet Walter who condemned the ill treatment of Mr Muaza.

Julian Huppert, the Liberal Democrat MP, said: “Mrs May has got this wrong on several levels. On a human level, someone who is so clearly ill should not be deported. Also, how can this be seen as value for money? Whether out of humanity or financial prudence, she has got this wrong.

Kudos to Nigerian Government for saying caboodle 'rejectamenta' to that racist action of Theresa May.

Theresa May