Tinubu Summons Ngige To Lagos With Effect

By Mazi Odera

A source close to SENATOR Ahmed Bola Tinubu the Asiwaju of APC said that the Sinator summoned Dr Chris Ngige to Lagos today to come and explain the money vested on him and why he did not deliver ANAMBRA state to APC as he promised to do.

The source said that Tinubu is very furious on the 3rd distant position placed by Dr Chris Ngige and the subsequent use of THUGGERY to make APC look so cheap and desperate.

Senator Tinubu said he was angry because Ngige made him believe that he is the most favorite in Anambra state and the most powerful man in Igboland,also that what he wanted to make him take over ANAMBRA state is money ,which he provided in large number,he said he see no reason why his performance will be this absurd,despite putting his TVC TELEVISION AND NATIONS NEWSPAPER to his advantage.

Dr Chris will be defending self not only against Tinubu but against many other APC Governor's that contributed to his campaign, even his continue rambling to confuse folks will not deter this men from asking him questions.

We heard that one of the Governor's that contributed from South East lamented "This Ngige self ,he is in Third position and with only one local Government to his advantage and he is making this noise,what will he do if he is person in second position? "

It is believed that Dr Chris Ngige who walks around as Emperor trembles in front of Tinubu and dare not talk while he is talking, we wait to see if he repents after meeting his Master Tomorrow.