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Thugs Arrested In Imo State Flew In With Arik’s Airline

By Mazi Odera

We announced last week how Rochas imported Thugs and lodge them at WHITE VIEW HOTEL OKPUNO AWKA ,then yesterday about 280 THUGS were arrested in Imo state and people were asking how come ? ,how did they landed in Imo state instead of coming to Anambra state direct ?

Our reporter who went to Owerri made some findings ,which includes ,,they were flied in with ARIK AIRLINE into Owerri ,the plan was to send into Anambra state in batches with IMO STATE GOVERNMENT VEHICLES as usual.

The Reporter discovered that Gov Rochas has been doing this for over 2 weeks now and he has being lodging them in many hotels around AWKA at the pleasure of TINUBU AND FASHOLA who gave him the instruction on what to do in other to help them secure ANAMBRA STATE with APC.

We should remember that prior to this that APC FLAG bearer has being crying about Rigging and we all know his antics ,anytime he cries fowl about anything ,be rest assured that ,what ever he cried about is what he plans to carry out and his cry is to divert attention.

From our findings from other sources ,the plans of APC and Ngige on saturday is pure evil and we pray that the Police and security agents will be able to keep a close watch on Dr Chris Ngige and his agents, especially Jerry Amilo who is his MINISTER of DESOLUTION FOR APC.