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So what, if Yar'Adua is back?
Saturday , March 6, 2010
Yes! So what if he's back? What is all this rubbish and confusion about? Ever since my daughter woke me up with the news of how the president finally returned from his honeymoon and how he sneaked into the country, I've noticed that there's been so much confusion, rubbish talk and too many disunity in our midst, especially in leadership. So the president of a big nation, like Nigeria decided to go on sabbatical for three months, then returns amid darkness at the airport. So what? That his wife wants to pass instructions to Goodluck Jonathan, as though it were coming from the president himself, so?

So what if the acting president has not even set eyes on the 'original president?' So what if Turai decides to be the acting president and if possible the sitting president? So what if the people at the National Assembly are all criminals, who are also in Yar'Adua's payroll? So what if the president is in hiding? In fact, so freaking what if the president is in coma?

I am tired of Nigerians and their drama towards every situation. I said it before that what is practised in this country is not democracy but 'demoncrazy.' You may be wondering why I keep using the word 'so what.' Well, my guys, that's exactly what the power brokers will be saying right now. I bet they are all saying, 'so what if he dies or lives, just show me where the money is.' So the noise will continue on this whole talk about how Turai and Yar'Adua has refused to let go, but the question we must ask ourselves is, where exactly is oga Yar'Adua and did he open his mouth to tell you that he wants to still be a president? Have you even considered the fact that the man just might be totally oblivious of all that is going on?

Need I tell you that it's been a RACKET all the while and the racket playing will go on in dark places? There are people in this country who make it their business to see that things go wrong, just so they can flourish and the truth is, it is working for them at the expense of our happiness. Let's take stock. From the very day Yar'Adua became president and the declaration of his seven-point agenda bullshit, have we seen any changes? Elements of starvation abide every waking day. The country has been in constant stagnation, yet his girls are busy getting married to different state governors with Turai's help. Electricity has finally crashed to the point where if you see light steady longer than two hours you get worried because that means no light for the next, maybe, four days to come and the only reason this is happening is because if Nigerian power holding is functional and very active with light circulation then the 'big men' will fail in their generator selling business. 'The big men' are the ones that 'own' this country; so they decide for oga what happens.

The country is in a dilapidated state. The economy has gone bunkers, with no hope of a remedy and an average Nigerian is seen moving around with 'stone face.' Just let your body as much as touch his body and you will be confronted with severe anger and most times, before you get a full picture of what the problem is, someone is already wounded and sometimes even dead. Mennnn! It is BLOODY! GUYS DEY VEX! The SADDEST part is knowing that Nigerians actually believe that in no time, things will get better in Aso Rock and the people will smile. What manner of hope that is! Well, my friends, it is time to wake up!

Nothing is happening there! The only music that plays 2/4/7 is 'share money, share money, yes o, nothing de happen, abi no be nija we de? Abeg share money.' Is it not time we realize that whether Yar'Adua is back, dead or alive or even in coma, his presence can never make a difference because he is just a' front' for a president? But my guys, power intoxicates and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Happenings of the last few days have shown us that the Nigerian constitution can be toiled with any how. I was busy watching all those jokers at the National Assembly seriously making a fool of themselves, talking about amendment that looked like a big joke even to them. The truth is that the people at the assembly have no choice but to do what they are instructed to do, else they know what the koko will be now. Let's face it; Nigerian politics is deeper than what the eye sees. The cartel is large. The cartel is fully equipped. The cartel calls the shots, and the racket goes on!

Do we really understand the magnitude of what Turai and Yar'Adua's men did when they brought a whole president back secretly into his own country? Do they really understand the full implication of that? I bet they don't because by their action, they simply said that Nigeria is owned by one man. But why all the secret moves? Is it now a crime for the president to be ill? Abi no be man him be? Come to think of it, when is the president going to make a national broadcast to announce his return? Yes, he should go in front of the camera and let the whole Nigeria see him and listen to him talk to us and tell us he is capable of doing his duties, even though we know better. The problem with us is that we truly do not know our rights. Has it ever occurred to you that you have the right to demand to see the president if this is really democracy, which is government for the people and by the people? Yes, you and I have the right to see him; we have the right to camp in front of that so-called Aso Rock until we are heard. Maybe the president is not even alive! But so what if he is or is not? Nothing changes. If he's dead, they should bring him out for us like that and as a nation, we will mourn him and give all the respect due him.

As far as we know, a sick president connotes a sick nation and God forbid that Nigeria be tagged a sick nation. Bluntly speaking and directed to the acting president, before you begin to make unachievable promises just to impress Nigerians, you must realise that there is nothing like poverty eradication for then the word poverty will be meaningless. Concentrate more on poverty reduction, which means at least people can get the basic things they need to survive. The only way to achieve this is to do what is right by the people and not by the 'godfathers,' who are waiting desperately to pounce on our left over.

My name is Charly Boy and all I ever know how to do is call a spade a spade. I say it just the way I see it; so this is not personalised in any way, after all, no be the same mama born me with oga Yar'Adua? All Nigerians should be interested in must be for this country to be, first and foremost, respected. The president's seat cannot be sat on by Jonathan, who happens to be the acting president. He is acting. The power brokers in this country have really insulted this nation and the people therein. How can a whole acting presido be unaware of the president's return till he was well into FCT? As far as they are all concerned, the assembly is the biggest joke to have made Jonathan acting president. Now the assembly is quiet because they are not even sure if Yar'Adua is alive or not because if he is and takes over the seat again, their bank accounts are doomed. There is so much going around in their midst; so the boldness to pass the right judgment becomes questionable. Maybe we enjoyed the period of the military rule? Should they come back and bring law and order into this country?

What exactly is wrong with leadership in this country? Very soon other countries will see us as politically unstable, which will automatically affect our already crushed economy. I will say it here and now. The leadership of this country is not a family business; so people must have the spirit of come and go; not come, die and be buried therein. Yes, so what if Goodluck Jonathan is the acting president and if care is not taken, as his name has been known to follow him about, he also becomes the sitting president, who cares? All we Nigerians are really interested in is to have that one person that will come and change the face of this nation to a nation that other nations will fight to reckon with?

We are not asking for too much. This is all we ask: that the right person, with the best interest of Nigeria, be allowed and given a chance to lead. In fact, it mustn't even be Jonathan. Just anybody who 'can' is what we need. Who bloody cares what state the person is from?

Just give us a great and good leader to move us forward, not all the old, outdated, empty, reshuffled and randy people who want to be recycled over and over again because it's their fathers' business. Is it a crime for Nigeria to have fresh minds, brains and computer age president? In the absence of what we all know, we truly need to make this country what it should be; we just may loose it and do something drastic. You people should stop recycling dead and worn out bones for us!

Finally, whether Yar'Adua is back, alive, dead or in a coma, whether Goodluck is acting, yet not acting, it is neither here nor there. It will not change the situation on ground. Know yea now that it's all but a RACKET and the RACKET never ends. Negotiations abound at ungodly hours, while you are snoring away. Face it; you are nothing until you do something. If you are comfortable with the sufferings going on and how much of a fool we've been played, then shut your mouth. But if you're not, then let's act now.