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You know, The pretty and controversial Ghanaian & Nollywood actress,Yvonne Nelson always got a plan. And with some time, she can finally start looking for her next romance after breaking up with Iyanya. So who's it going to be? Does she have her sights set on any guy?

Actually, Yvonne's dating plan at the moment is to stay single, a source close to the actress tells us exclusively! “She's not trying to be pushed up on by anyone,” the source says.

It's not that Yvonne's too heartbroken to think about meeting someone new, the source explains, she just simply doesn't have enough time to build a solid new relationship. “It's not like she's done with the movie shoot. She's only got a little more than a week to chill out,” the source says. “That's no time for her to be trying to date anybody or complicate things with some dude.”

“She's cool with that,” the source adds. “No man needed.”

So how exactly is Yvonne passing the time now that she's on a “No Man Dating Plan?”

“She's always goes to movie locations while she's got a quick break,” the same source reveals. This doesn't come as too much of a surprise. Yvonne is always on the cutting edge of style, and it seems like she never wears anything twice.

“That will keep her busy and out of trouble,” the source adds.

We have to say: this independent, level-headed version of Yvonne really is a breath of fresh air. Not that we don't love how she always acts with conviction and emotion, but we're happy to see her take a step back and keep things calm for once.

Although, Yvonne is unapologetic and unpredictable, so there's no telling how she'll feel if she meets someone she likes. What do you think, Readers? Let us know!

Story by Austin Aniekie