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Why We Must Vote Comrade Tony Okechukwu Nwoye...

By Hon Mrs Chinwe Umerie
Comrade Tony Okechukwu Nwoye
Comrade Tony Okechukwu Nwoye
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Anambra state is the only state in Nigeria that does not have a properly equipped healthcare system. Health care system is a very important /vital part of any well-functioning and developing society and environment. Recently in the western world, a keen interest is being put towards the establishment of good health care systems, in such a way that will enable both the rich and the poor to have a well organised access to good quality health care.

As the current functional state of our health sector/hospitals is becoming a critical issue facing the state and its patriotic indigenes ,a lot of political aspirants both past and present have in different ways promised during their campaigns to totally overhaul, rejuvenate and develop our health care systems to meet the standards expected of it.Even our current government and its executive made the same promise both in their first and second tenure in office and is still speaking of continuity in a project that was never thought off,talk more of being started. None has been able to keep to this promise. WHY?

Now the questions at hand:
• How do we provide /create a health care system that will freely give out good quality health solutions to the public at large.

• How do we checkmate the constant humiliation our doctors and other healthcare professionals go through, each time they had to go on strike just to get their rights and entitlement.

• How do we checkmate the corrupt practises and marginalisation in the health care sector to ensure proper availability to all, tight finance control and management of health care solutions made available for the masses?

The answers can only be provided by a person who truly understands that the fight for freedom in not an easy one. A person who is in the medical field, who understands what it means to be a common man.This solution can be given by a man who believes and lives by his words, who understands the need for a good health care system to be made available to the masses. Not just someone who will promise to rehabilitate the health sector only for political campaign reasons and declines once he wins election thereby betraying the vote of confidence of the masses.

This solution cannot be given by a man who believes that good health care solutions is only for the RICH who can afford it.

The man who will give us the solution we seek is someone who is privileged to have walked down the corridors of a hospital and have seen people and families lose their children, fathers, mothers and their friends to pain and death due to poor hospital conditions, lack of experienced staffs and lack of good functional equipment's needed to save lives.

A man, who will have the simplest basic human compassion, put away selfish political attitudes as this will drive him to meet the health needs of the people.

A man who will understand that maternal and infant death is now a crime to humanity, because the things that cause it are all man made mistakes and lack.

A man who will not bribe, corrupt and lie with the names of religious leaders in the state, corrupting their conscience and the destroying the basic values we have in the church.

I believe we should be crying for a man who will create a health care system that will be so organised, meet with the international standards and also very available and affordable.

The time has come for,
• MOTHERS: to ask themselves of how many husbands, children and siblings they are still willing to lose to death due to the poor state of our hospitals. Personally in February, I as an individual witnessed several maternal and infant death at Amaku general hospital due to poor/ lack of hospital equipments, staffs and medical professionals.

• STUDENTS: will you willingly enthrone a government/individual who believes education is for the rich. Who does not want to know how much you suffer to pay the outrageous school fees you are being charged. The time has come for you as a student to say NO.

• DOCTORS: for how long will u be marginalised and under payed.these are the people God gave the wisdom and knowledge to treat diseases and illnesses, a lot of their efficiency is centred on their frame of mind. When you are maltreated and ignored, can you function properly?

That is the reason why every Anambarian big or small, rich or poor, wherever you are and whatever you do have the responsibility of making the right choice. Forget about the money shared and gift items, they only last for a while. When after it's all gone and spent, how do you face/handle the issues in your home? When your child or husband or wife falls sick, where will you go? Who will you call? Can the bribe/wrapper/vehicles you receive today see you through? THINK.

Make a right choice today for a better and brighter tomorrow. VOTE Hon.Dr. Tony Okechukwu Nwoye,a young man full of life and vigour. A man who has a heart that will humbly serve the people and listen to their needs. A man who has no godfather to please or obey. A freelancer who owes no body and is not under any kind of financial investigation that can bring disgrace to the state. A man who has served the student body loyally and singly reduced the rate of student victimisation in the universities. A young medical doctor with a wife and little children will always understand what it means to lose one. CAST your vote for Hon.Dr.Tony Nwoye(a voice for the masses) for a better future.

Mrs Chinwe Umerie

Tony Nwoye Campaign Organisation.