By Mazi Oderaigbo

We know that Ifeanyi Ubah is a Daft son but never this DUMB,after his childish tantrum during the Debate ,because Chief Willie Obiano explained that uneducated touts will not Govern a state like Anambra state ,Ifeanyi snatched away his paper,,now this is the interesting part..

Ask Ifeanyi what was on the paper ,he cannot read it and tell.

What was on the paper ? every educated man writes down points and analogy ,so that it will not escape his mind afterall minds travels with speed of light and a mini second you skip what you have in mind ,so any educated man will always ,sorry i mean educated and busy man will always put things down on the paper.

But to Ifeanyi who showed that his paper is blank ,which of a truth his paper is blank like his head,he became confused and i wonder why he finds it funny ? ,If Ifeanyi Ubah cannot write or even read the one written ,must he beg EZEMMO to read it for him ?

Did you see how disappointed Ezemmo was when he saw the agboro side of Ubah ? ,when Ezemmo looked at the paper ,he was so sad because Ifeanyi dragged him into that sordid act of a boy without reading ability.

Now the good part all the while that ifeanyi the dumb was reacting and snatching papers belonging to a superior ,did you notice that AKPOKUE DIKE did not even raise an eye brow ? because he was of the opinion that such boys needs to get something he wrote ,so that the 23 AMERICAN WHITES living in his house teaching him what to say will get a little idea into what the state is all about.

Now it goes to show that if Ifeanyi becomes a Governor ,he will be snatching other Governors papers,wives and whatever.He will go to Presidency and snatch his wallet,which means anybody trained in CONGO JUNGLE MUST BEHAVE LIKE A MILITANT

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