Tribute to The Moonlight @ 5

By Ebube Owhonda
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The Moonlight, a Port Harcourt based weekly newspapers was 5 years old this September 2009, since it veered into the business of Investigative Journalism. Mr. Suage Badey who's the son of one of the Ogoni-4 Chiefs that were murdered in May 21 1994, by youths alledgedly loyal to late Ken Saro-Wiwa and an altruist, we learnt, has sent his congratulatory message to The Moonlight management as it turned 5.

“I am much humbled on hearing that The Moonlight the foremost Investigative newspaper in our state is 5 this September. I am yet to believe that The Moonlight we saw at the newsstand “yesterday” is 5. However, I am happy that The Moonlight was born, because it came when we thought that men of honour were no more in the journalism profession. The emergence of The Moonlight has made those who had regarded journalists as vehichles of untruths, as the actual carriers themselves,” Badey said.

Reiterating, Mr. Badey appeals to any disciple of disinformation to enchew such behaviour for the propagation of truth. He commended the good work of The Moonlightand in the same vein thanked all Port Harcourt based journalists and publishers for standing up to the tumultuous state of unrestiveness in Rivers State and the Niger Delta at large. He in like manner describes the spirit of the publishers and journalists as "courageous"

He used the same portal to mourn the Founder of the Verite Newspapers, late Jose Pere Jeremiah, who was buried recently. Mr. Badey describes the publisher as a journalist Rivers and Bayelsa states respectively will never have again.

Ebube Owhonda is Publicity Secretary, Niger Delta Democrats (NDD. Email: [email protected]

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