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“If a man is marked for greatness, stubborn challenges become an integral part of him; God only makes use of the cooked not the ingredients to drive home his interest”. For men who understand their pre-designated pathway and have dared to ply regardless terrestrial shoddiness end up wearing the crown of “readiness” for service to humanity on an area or location remembered for deliverance.

Thank God Imo state is currently undergoing its deliverance; in clear parlance, “rescue”. Imo state is passing through a rescue phase, which has seen power change hands from a state of chronic underdevelopment to a massive-developing state, as resounding echoes of seemingly impossibilities made possible continue to rent the air unabated in an indefinable flash of a people-oriented construction placement!

All made possible through the activation of a man's passion to serve, laying down his life, resources and time for the advancement of a people's strong desire to experience progress, His Excellency Owelle Rochas Okorocha, evidenced in a private life characterized by innumerable uncommon philanthropic strides and display of charity that seeks to give equal privileges to the poor and the rich through his pet project, Rochas Foundation.

Crediting a great unseen force to the realities on ground presently in Imo state highlights the rather unpalatable and excruciating years of self-determined walk up the hill of Nigeria politics by the core leadership team who run the affairs of today's Imo ably led by the chairman Rochas Foundation, His Excellency Owelle Rochas Okorocha, the vision carrier; His Excellency Prince Eze Madumere, Owelle's vision administrator and also a tested and trusted ally; Rt Honorable Benjamin Uwajumogu, a most reliable partner, he provides the necessary backing via a holistic attachment to Owelle's people-oriented vision. Though these men then represented their people's choice, fate-tuned decisions by political strongholds left them lurking in series of political disappointments aside other happenings that not only tested their political resolve cum leadership preparedness but further proved the divine purpose in their making.

Owelle's ascendency comes after years of disappoints in his every attempt to electoral heights. Same can be said of, His Excellency Prince Eze Madumere, who notwithstanding an underlying credible disposition faced the piercing claws of destiny-killing hawks that suppressed his every attempt to political rise. His strides took a sacrificial detour when he suffered incarceration during the 2011 campaign towards achieving today's Imo. In his very cool and workaholic demeanor, he continues to rise at the top, from the Chief of Staff to the Governor to the Deputy Governor, and still waxing strong in preparation for something higher.

The making of Chief Benjamin Uwajumogu as Speaker of the Imo state House of Assembly at a time Imo state Owelle Rochas Okorocha as its Governor goes to play out the divine providence in the making of a new and better Imo. These two men at a time in their separate lives experienced very close shaves with death, but the hand of God was there to deliver them! Owelle's missed flight some years back saw the manifestation of a great deliverance; and Uwajumogu's very complicated heart surgery also saw another manifestation of a great deliverance. God did not just save them in vain, but because he knows they will be useful to his purpose for a great Imo state.

These three gems, Owelle, Madumere, Uwajumogu, have politically suffered long waits for a time like this. Many years of patience bedeviled by unfair denials, betrayals, disappointments at the edge of clinching a party ticket….. though Owelle has a broader political history with intimidating achievements. For sure destiny has been fair to Imo through this leadership.

Imo currently reaps the benefits of this leadership. God is truly through these men of fate for the people that have long cried for change. God bless Imo state!

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