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Webster University to Open Accra, Ghana Campus

By The Citizen

Webster University's new Accra, Ghana campus has been approved by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) in the United States, clearing the final hurdle to offer dually accredited degrees for it graduates, it was announced today.

Student recruitment and enrollmentwill begin immediately, and classes will start Jan. 14, 2014.

The approval by the HLC will ensure Webster University graduates in Ghana will hold degrees that will be recognized in both Ghana and the U.S., making it easier for them to seek work in either county or pursue additional studies in either country. Earlier this year, Ghana's Ministry of Education gave approval for the programs that will be offered at the Accra campus.

The opening of Webster University Ghana campus, located on 4th Circular Road, Cantonments, Accra,and the dual recognition of degrees will be a great benefit to the University's students, said Dr. Thomas Oates, director of the Ghana campus.

'By having a degree that is recognized in both Ghana and the U.S., our students will have more options for their future, they will more easily be able to find employment, network, and pursue further educational opportunities in Ghana or anywhere around the world,' Oates said.

The Accra campus also will provide more opportunities for current students from any of Webster University's worldwide campuses to study abroad, Oates added.

In addition to its Ghana and North American locations, Webster University also has traditional residential campuses in Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Thailand and the United Kingdom, as well as a global network of international partners in more than two dozen other locations.

Nearly one-third of Webster's currents students and faculty take advantage of the University's global presence and study or teach in another country. With the new Ghana campus opening up on a fourth continent for the Webster community, it is anticipated students and faculty from other campuses will visit Ghana, while students in Ghana likely will study for a semester or two in Asia, North America or Europe, Oates said.

Programs offered at that the new campus are based on interest of students and employers in the region.

The first graduate program will be a Webster University George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology (Walker School) Master of Business Administration, which is offered at every Webster location worldwide, and a Master of Arts in International Relations from Webster's College of Arts & Sciences.

Undergraduate programs, which also are scheduled to start next year, include international business from the Walker School, international relations from the College of Arts & Sciences, and communications from The School of Communications.

'With this important location, we continue in the footsteps of our founders who provided access to higher education in areas of greatest need, meeting students where they are,' said Webster University President Elizabeth 'Beth' J. Stroble. 'As we near the close of our first century and prepare to celebrate our Centennial in 2015, we may take great pride in adding Accra, Ghana to the list of places that Webster students call home.'

In July, Ghana's Ministry of Education accredited programs offered at the Webster new Accra campus, which currently is housed in two large, renovated buildings, complete with classrooms, lecture halls, and libraries.

'Webster's presence in Ghana will be impactful and felt throughout the region,'said Julian Schuster, the provost, senior vice president and chief operating officer of Webster. 'Enhanced educational opportunities through robust Webster University programs will further develop and build capacity in this important and fast-growing part of the African continent.'

Webster University ( is the only Tier 1, private, non-profit, U.S.-based university providing a network of international residential campuses and a robust online learning program. Webster University's campus network includes metropolitan, military and corporate locations around the world. The university is committed to delivering high-quality learning experiences that transform students for global citizenship and individual excellence.

Webster students have a unique opportunity to study at different campus locations, enjoy small classes and personalized attention resulting in a Webster University degree and a truly global perspective. Student housing is made available and travel scholarships are awarded to qualified students.

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