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National Congress Of Nigeria Students (NACONS) On Yobe College Killings

By National Congress Of Nigeria Students (NACONS)

The killing of the future leaders! We thought it has ended in this country of ours not until we experienced another Boko Haram attack on the students of College of Agriculture in Damaturu, Yobe state; the deadly group enters the College and unleashed terror on innocent Nigerian students, murdered fifty students of the College of Agriculture in Yobe state. It is a shock to us and a kind of news we thought we shall not hear again.

We condemn in the strongest term, the killing of fifty students of College of Agriculture in Yobe state by member of Boko Haram. We consider it as another sheer display of the barbaric mentality by the terrorist group that doesn't want peace for this country.

We have raised an alarm before now that all the schools in Northern part of Nigeria need to be provided with adequate security, it takes a government that does not value the lives of its citizen to turn a deaf ear to such a call. This shows how far the Nigerian government values the life of its citizens.

We thus ask Nigerian government weather she attach value to our lives at all?

The battle with terrorist, anywhere in the world is better worn through dialogue and to dialogue does not mean weakness, we call the government of Nigeria to opt for dialogue with Boko Haram.

With immediate effect, adequate security should be provided for all the schools (from primary level to Universities level) in the Northern part of Nigeria.

We warn the government of Nigeria to attach adequate value to human lives, and find a lasting solution to the security challenges we face in Nigeria.

May Allah give the family of our brothers and friends (the victims of Yobe College killing) the courage to bear the loss, and grant them paradise?