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Notore restates commitment to food security

By The Rainbow
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Notore Chemical Industries Limited has reaffirmed its commitment to helping Nigeria and the African countries achieve food security and also become self-reliant in food production.

The company explained in a statement that this move by the company is in line with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture's Agriculture Transformation Agenda (ATA).

Notore said the role of agriculture in economic growth cannot be overemphasized, adding that initiatives to drive the agricultural sector should be top priority of the federal government.

Notore stated that most countries have used the agricultural sector to achieve economic growth maintaining that the time for this sector is now if Nigeria wants to achieve any meaningful growth.

'Notore Chemical Industries Limited is one of the leading fertiliser and agro-allied companies in Africa and is committed to helping Nigeria and the African continent become self-reliant in food production and achieve economic wealth. After acquiring the assets of the former National Fertilizer Company of Nigeria (NAFCON) through the federal government's privatisation program, Notore has since grown into an agricultural phenomenon and is one of the world's lowest-cost fertiliser producers, targeting local markets as well as exports,' Notore said.

Notore added that the company's principal activities include the supply of premium fertilisers, appropriate education on best practices for farming, and proper deployment of these practices for optimum results.

'The company has built a robust network of professionals that support farmers and farming communities across Nigeria,' Notore added.

Notore pointed out that it operates the only urea fertiliser plant in Sub-Saharan Africa thus placing it in a strategic position for championing the African green revolution saying that the company also produces ammonia and NPK fertiliser.

'The Notore plant is strategically located at Onne sea port in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, therefore its products are well positioned for effective shipment and distribution across the Atlantic coast,' Notore added.

In a response to address the infrastructural and financial challenges currently witnessed by Nigerian subsistent farmers, Notore has made history by introducing the affordable 1kg and 10kg fertiliser pack options.

Notore's leadership in self-empowerment techniques and focus on enhancing food production forms part of its African Green Revolution campaign. Notore's operations in recent years have impacted positively on agricultural yields while ensuring an improved standard of living for the estimated 14 million farming households in Nigeria.