By Emeka Obasi

As shock and controversy continue to trail cracks in the Peoples Democratic Party[PDP],former Abia state governor believes the ruling party was only bowing to the movement of history.

While expressing optimism that all would be well,if all gladiators sheathed their sword,Kalu said,"nobody should celebrate PDP's downfall yet.It is all part of politics,no permanent friends or foes,just permanent interests."

According to him,"it did not start with PDP.In 1958,Commerce minister Dr. Ozuomba Mbadiwe and his Information counterpart,Chief Kolawole Balogun accused Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Leader of the National Convention of Nigeria and Cameroun[NCNC], of dividing the party.Both were expelled, and went ahead to form the NCNC Reformed Committee.They later reconciled with the Party."

In the First Republic,Kalu continued,"there was the Action Group crisis.What we saw in Rivers state recently, was played out in the Western House of Assembly in 1962 when Mr. S.A. Adeniya,representing Oyo East Two hit Chief Kessington Momoh Regional Trade minister.As a result, the man was rushed tothe hospital.Mr. Speaker Prince Adeleke Adedoyin was not spared either.He was also pounded."

However,it did not start in Nigeria.Said the ex-governor,"In the 19th Century,two-time British Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel divided the Tories when he tried to stop Agricultural Protection in 1846.That was the same man who had reformed the London Metropolitan Police.They are called 'bobbies' after him."

Kalu called for true reconciliation of all members of the PDP,even as he reminded other parties about their own dirty linens.

Emeka Obasi
Special Adviser Media
[to] Dr.Orji Kalu.