A case study of Andy Uba policies

The concept of development in Anambra State hinges on basic factors such as transportation (air and water), relational development (to be led by a charismatic leader) and a political heavy weight who has acquired a warehouse of economic exploitation and the attributes to expose the state investments (from both foreign and local investors) for developmental purposes. The thrust of this piece focuses therefore, on the “identified” developmental holes and the policies of the erstwhile governor, Senator Andy Uba.

The politics of Anambra State can be described with mixed adjectives such as awesome, weird, cruel, unique, and perhaps full of antagonism. The state has similar developmental trends with its “assumed” contemporary, Lagos but it's coming from behind following administrative recklessness, mismanagement and the struggle of preceded administrations to fill developmental loopholes cum neglect of vital areas of the state economy. Please what areas of the economy are you talking about here? The reader might want to know. It makes your work complete.

It is worthy of note, that in 2007, when Uba emerged governor, he immediately commenced the construction of an airport sited at Oba but the death of the project came as a result of the short-lived administration. It is indeed pitiable that a state (Anambra) opportuned to have the largest market in West Africa and Nnewi (the Taiwan of Africa, as popularly called) has no airport to connect with its business partners/associates. The negative effect of this is inherent of the state's inability to generate wealth and employment for its indigenes. However the morning dew is still in the sky for the anomaly to be arrested. Undoubtedly the gains, an airport could bring to the state is unprecedented and unlimited.

Anambra State “The light of the nation” is a state with a long list of notable personalities ranging from entrepreneurs, industrialists, political big wigs (of international and national repute), inventors and people who has excelled in spheres of their endeavours, yet the state is still lacking in the concerned areas. Chief Innocent Vehicle Assembling Plant at Nnewi illustrates an example of what is missed from others who not being lured home. All of the above woes could be credited to antagonistic, cruel, retrogressive politics and interests in the state.

In order to ensure the death of these malaise, the state needs to devoid itself from controversial and critically sectional leaders who could divide the bridge, and adopt a leadership with the tendency of harmonizing interests and bridging gaps in communication. Honestly, I was dazed when I learnt from sources within the state that Senator Uba (then Governor) laid and achieved to a large extent, the peace process of the long aged Umuneri and Aguleri crisis.

Conclusions could be drawn from the foregoing, at this juncture that, the oil magnet developmental plan for Anambra new oil blocks is unprecedented. The consistent rapport with the federal government and the state's other allies could enhance and see to an end, the long ranging issue of the lower Niger particularly the Onitsha River Port, as well as other areas the federal government could partner and assist the state. So there is need not to identify with a leader who is critical of government at the center and its allies because it is capable of undermining corporation and partnership that could bring opportunities to the state.

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