Meet Yvonne Enakhena an actor that makes acting so real that viewers get confused...She is always on point!!!

Source: Judith Audu -

Yvonne Enakhena is an Actor, Script Writer, Choreographer. She hails from Edo State, Nigeria. A Theatre and Media Arts graduate from the Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State, she also holds a diploma in Film Directing and Acting from the National Film Institute, Jos and a degree in Acting from the Damasus Art Foundation, Lagos.

Yvonne got inspired to build a career as an actor after participating in a community acting exercise in school where they are supposed to look for problems, act it out and provide possible solutions to the members of the community.

She was a contended for the Next Movie Star (NMS) in 2011, a reality show for actors where she proved on National TV that she is an actor to reckon with and got to the final round of the show. Since then she never turned her back on acting and has featured in several movies and tv series including: I think She loves Me, The bull in 'The Hacker', Tinsel, Four crooks and a Rookie, Last three Digits,
Beach 24, Aaron my Son, Terrible Mother, 2gether, Ghetto Price, Mother and Child, Danielle, just to mention but a few...

Yvonne is blessed with a really wonderful shape, some people call her the Alpha female and some simply say she is a Complete woman , you can say she is 'well endowed' with a shape to die for but that doesn't stop her from digging deep and becoming whatever character she is suppose to play, her facial expressions and line delivering are always so on point which is one of the major reasons why she stands out from her colleagues.

Yvonne sees herself as a method actor because she wears whatever character she is to play totally, she is a very dedicated, hardworking, understanding, accommodating individual that strives to be the best at what she does.

She intends to use her acting skills in contributing to the development of mankind, also to be a role model and an ambassador to youths development.

She loves to keep her creative mind busy by writing, reading books, watching movies, she also loves to dance, swim and travel.