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Nigeria cannot disintegrate, says IBB

By The Citizen
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Former Military President, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida has allayed the fears of Nigerians on the 2015 general elections saying, 'Nigeria cannot disintegrate in 2015 as being predicted by some Nigerians and foreign countries.'

Answering questions from Journalists in his hilltop residence, Minna yesterday, as part of activities to mark his 72nd birthday, the former president said the prediction can never come to pass, saying the country intsead will continue to wax stronger and stronger even beyond 2015.

According to him, 'people say all sorts of things to instil fear in people. If you believe that majority of people in this country also believe in  the unity of this country, why do you worry about somebody up there saying it will disintegrate? I know it wouldn't .The press should not also give such utterances prominence,' IBB declared.

Gen. Babangida described Nigeria as one of the most amazing cauntries in the world, pointing out that what is written and read about the country especially when one is outside the country is scary but one comes back to see people going about their normal busineses happy.

'One of the most amazing countries in the world is Nigeria. If you live outside it and you read and hear about it, you'd think the world is coming to an end only to come back and find people happy, laughing and attending football matches. That's Nigeria for you', the former President remarked.

He described those making such predictions as prophets of doom who are just crying wolf just and called on all Nigerians to see themselves as leaders in their own rights and therefore work towards what will hold the country together and not what will divide it.

On whether he has changed his stance on eyeing any political office again, the former military president said, ' I have told you in this hall before that I won't seek any political office again. So, there is no political ambition again but I will continue to contribute towards stabilizing the country.'

Asked whether he was missing anything in his life, Gen. Babangida said his faith has always made him strong whenever his  mind as a flesh comes knocking.

'As a very strong believer in my faith, I don't have anything than to be grateful to God for his mercy because he has been very kind and therefore, if there is anything I could have missed, may be it is losing someone dear to me but again, my faith tells me that one of us has to give way or two of us will die at the same time.That is the faith that is keeping us going,' IBB submitted.

Asked also to comment on his life at 72, Gen. Babangida simply said, 'I feel old but still in very high spirit because God has been kind to me. I enjoy robust health at 72 and the spirit is just there  though not like spirit of youger people like you.'