Boko Haram Leader, Shekau Dares United States, Sect Kills Over 60 In Separate Attacks


Not less than 60 persons were reportedly killed in separate village attack  by suspected Boko Haram Members while many others sustained injuries gathered

Boko Haram members  had invaded , Ngom, Maisarmari and Mailari within Konduga and Mafa local government areas of Borno state between Saturday and Sunday  and killed residents  who were said to  be giving out information to security agencies

According to fleeing residents who confided in reporters yesterday that not less than 60 villagers were killed between Saturday and Sunday killed in Mafa and Konduga local government areas of Borno.

It was gathered that at Ngom village, a border town between Mafa and Konduga local government insurgents invaded the village and shot 12 persons dead on Saturday night.

A politician from the area, who confirmed the death of 12 villagers to journalists, said he learnt of another attack in Konduga were 40 persons were shot dead.

There were numerous persons injured in the attacks on the villages, with those that suffered severe injuries taken to hospital in Maiduguri for treatment.

An official at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, who spoke anonymously to journalists, confirmed that 26 persons who were brought to the hospital on Sunday are currently at the hospital receiving treatment from gunshots wound.

A source told journalists that during the weekend attacks on the villages, there was no gunfire, insisting that members of the outlawed sect attacked three villages, killing 31 people, by slitting their throats in their respective houses and mosques.

He noted that the strategy must have been evolved in other not to attract the attention of security agents to them.

A source in the Joint Task Force (JTF) revealed on Monday in Maiduguri, that 12 persons were killed at Ngom, while 19 other villagers throats were slit in surrounding villages on Sunday.

He noted that the killing made the task force to condone off the road leading to Dikwa for several hours.

On Ngom's casualties, the JTF source, revealed that: 'I cannot tell you the details of attacks, but it was certain that gunmen in military and police uniforms attacked Ngom village, 20 kilometres, east of Maiduguri, the state capital. The incident occurred in the early hours of Saturday, before we were alerted on the village attacks and killings.

'On reaching the village; the gunmen, had fled in their vehicles and motorcycles. But the village head told us that 12 of his people were killed. Their hands were tied to their backs, before they were killed by slitting their throats.'

A resident of Mailari, Aisami Bukar, told journalists in Maiduguri that: “We saw gunmen in military and police uniforms at dawn with some vehicles and motorcycles who proceeded towards our village on the Maiduguri-Bama road, chanting God is great; in Arabic when the gunmen started to kill some of us here in this village, one by one, until 11 villagers were slain by slitting their throats.”

He added that: 'The following day at Maisarmari village, a different set of Boko Haram gunmen also invaded and attacked the village in the early hours of Sunday, and killed eight more people, while they were praying in two mosques at dawn, before soldiers rushed to the village at about 8am.'

Meanwhile the leader of the dreaded sect vowed to lunch more attacks and claim responsibility for recent attacks

According to Shekau in Salla Message on Youtube 'The military is lying to the world about the battle we had with them; they lied that they have killed our members, but we are the ones that have killed the soldiers.

‘We call on you all to repent and come to the ways of Allah. Forget about constitution and accept Shariah. We don’t have socialism, we don’t know communism, we don’t want federalism, but we are Muslims.

‘You soldiers have claimed that you are powerful, that we have been defeated, that we are mad people; but how can a mad man successfully coordinate recent attacks in Gamboru, in Malumfatori, slaughter people in Biu,  kill in Gwoza and in Bama where soldiers fled under our heavy fire power. We have killed countless soldiers and we are going to kill more.

Our strength and firepower has surpassed that of Nigeria. Nigeria is no longer a big deal as far as we are concerned. We can now comfortably confront the United States of America.

‘Let the world know that we have been enjoined by Allah to kill the unbelievers just like how we were enjoined to slaughter rams during Eidel Kabir. And we shall continue to kill those who strive to stand against the will of Allah by opposing Sharia. We don’t mind if we die doing this because it is even a blessing for us to die in this cause and gain paradise. So we are winning on either side. So it is never too late for you to repent and join us on the path of righteousness’, he said