How we were grilled by MOSSAD agents, by Hezbollah linked Lebanese suspects

By The Rainbow

Lebanese suspects facing trial in Nigeria on terrorism charges on Monday recounted to court in Abuja their grueling experiences in the hands of Israeli agents.

They told the court how they were harshly interrogated by the Israeli agents after their arrests.

The suspects, Mustapha Fawaz, Abdallah Thahini and Talal Ahmad Roda, who are suspected to the members of Hezbollah terrorsit group, were arrested in May after the discovery of an arms cache in a residence in the northern Nigerian city of Kano.

They are facing charges that centre on   plotting attacks against Western and Israeli targets in Nigeria.

The suspects denied the charges.
The two suspects told the federal high court in Abuja also that they were interrogated by six Israeli Mossad agents.

Lawyer to the accused persons, Ahmed Raji in concluding his defence called three witnesses including a lawyer from Lebanon. The lawyer, Joseph Faniano explained the activities of Hezbollah saying it is an organisation conceived primarily to resist Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon.

The accused persons also told the court that Hezbollah has never been a terrorist group in Lebanon.

The first accused person, Mustapha Fawaz in his defence told the court how he was interrogated by Israeli agents for fourteen days and made to undergo a polygraph test without being allowed to sleep. He however denied any link with Hezbollah.

Under cross examination by the prosecutor, Mustapha Fawaz admits having undergone basic training in weapons handling but denies having any form of animosity against the state of Israel.

Also crossed examine was Abdullah Tahini, who said he has never seen the arms and ammunitions belonging to one of the suspects, Abdulhassan Tahal or has he been to his house in Kano.

Mister tahini while being cross examined by the prosecutor, Simon Igede admits being a member of Hezbollah between 1986 and 1989 but has severed relationship with the organisation since his relocation to Nigeria.

Although the director of public prosecution was unavailable for comment, the defence lawyer, Ahmed Raji was confident that the court will see the merit of his case.

Justice Ademola Adeniyi adjourned the case to the 30th of September for adoption of written addresses, as he ordered that the Department of State Service (DSS) to allow agents of the accused persons to have access to their properties, twice a week, at wonderland and amigo supermarket for the purpose of inspection and maintenance.