Adamawa’s Assembly's Uncharitable Take On GULAK Is Condemnable

By Friends Of Adamawa

Our attention has been drawn to recent vituperation against Barr. A. A. Gulak by Mr. Adamu Kamale in the Leadership newspaper of today. Kamale purportedly claimed to be speaking on behalf of the Adamawa's State House of Assembly.

In a most uncharitable manner, Kamale attempted to twist a simple and straightforward analogy which is even clear to the blind. Although joining issue with the likes of attention-seeking Kamale is hardly in our character, we are compelled to set the record straight.

Thus if the intention of Kamale was to justify the House of Representatives' selective treatment of crises in some state assemblies across the country, he has failed woefully as the fact that the dramatis personae involved are different in the case of Rivers' and Adamawa does not make Adamawa's case different in material substance.

As far as we, and any right-thinking Nigerian is concerned, Gulak was spot on when he drew the attention of the National Assembly to the hasty treatment it accorded the Rivers' State House of Assembly crisis.

It is a fact that the Adamawa State's House of Assembly was enmeshed in crisis which ultimately calumniated in its closure for 3 months, but surprisingly the House of Representatives did not deem it fit to intervene. Similar scenario happened in Ondo State with the House in Abuja playing a neutral role as against its seeming biased stand in the case of Rivers.

It is sad to observe that Kamale for all intent and purpose twisted the truth when he accused Gulak of 'hijacking' a letter meant for the president. This accusation again brings to the front burner the regular call by patriotic Nigerians for the election of only capable people into the legislature. Were Kamale to have had the minimum education and exposure, he would have realised that the procedure for mail handling in the presidency is not the type to be shunted by any official whose duty is not related to mail handling, no matter how highly placed.

We therefore wish to advise Kamale to focus his energy on the task of making good laws for the development of Adamawa State and not dabbling into politics that are of no bearing or consequence to the good and peace-loving people of Adamawa. There are better ways to seek fame for Kamale and his co-travellers than inventing brazen lies against people.

Hon. Emmanuel Tsamdu,
Former Deputy Speaker and former Majority Leader, Adamawa State House of Assembly

Chairman, Friends of Adamawa (FoA)