Change Conference 2013: Pastor Jonah Israel Must Be Celebrated

By Godday Odidi
Pastor Jonah Israel
Pastor Jonah Israel

Having attended several change minsters conference in Ajeromi- Ifelodun Local Government Area of Lagos State popularly known as 'Ajegunle city' and Nigeria, Pastor Israel Jonah's conference remains the best among all.

Most of the Ajegunle ministers conference organized in recent times cannot be comparable to Change ministers' conference. Ministers' conference is all about bringing values to ministers of God that have received divine call of God in their respective ministries. Change conference is now a household name not just Ajegunle but Nigeria as whole. Change Ministers' conference is a world class conference with integrity.

The change conference initially started with just 7 to 9 people in attendance in 2004. The vision kick started with the aim of creating intellectual and religious avenues for ministers of God in Ajegunle to see beyond the pulpit. Pastor Israel Jonah as the General Overseer of the Wordfeast ministries international saw the vision of making Ajegunle pastors sought after in the international communities of preaching undiluted and full-strength of the word of God.

Pastor Israel Jonah is not just a pastor but a pastor that is generous to people. He is one of the progressive ministers of God that graciously has the visionary mindset to prove Ajegunle critics wrong that good things can come out of Ajegunle in spite of being labeled as slum city where bad people reside and nothing else. The conference is geared towards the mobilization of Go's end time messages.

One of the core objectives of this ordained God's conference is to sensitive, equip and most importantly encourage ministers to genuinely do the work of the ministry perfectly to some extent. The vision is to raise a playing level platform for minister of God to perfect the saint, do the work of the ministry and edify the body of Christ.

The Wordfeast ministries is set to raise a generation of God chasers and with the mandate of bringing life to man. Nobody that attends change ministers 'conference or ministry once without having a positive mindset of his or her confidence of one's life. Pastor Israel Jonah is a man after God's heart.

He has helped many ministers of God and members to make their dreams come to limelight in the slum of Ajegunle city. Though his ministry is located in a slum but his vision cannot be taken away from him. He has used his ministry to host great ministers of God both Nigeria and Abroad.

Pastor Israel Jonah is one of the 21st century Ajegunle preachers who has seen the debris of poverty and never allowed the situation of life to deter his creative and spiritual vision towards achieving a set goal for his life and ministry. The change conference 2013 highlighted some key areas why ministers of God must attend the conference and to make ministers of God to transform from their present level of ministerial operation to greater level of exploit.

The conference concentrates on the emergence of sons, branding ministry for excellence, contradictions in ministry, activating the grace for ministry, the minister and the ministry, giving minister, complete pastor's wife, the praying minister, the place of youth in ministries, the minister as a leader and the change ministers 'conference is slated for seven consecutive days with morning and evening sessions why different highly spiritual and intellectual ministers of God were invited to give lectures to the audience.

The audience was mainly assemblage of great and upcoming ministers of God from different ministerial callings that want to learn new spiritual and physical methods of an operating a God's ordained ministry in Nigeria. The change conference was a conference that guest speakers and audience were treated with delicious meals and no fees were charged and reading materials were given free.

Pastor Isreal Jonah is one of the veteran ministers of God with a difference who has pastored six churches before God called him to start a ministry of his own. He is a minister of God who has suffered great humiliation from the ministry before God visited his life. He actually experienced University of tribulation where all his close friends abandoned him. There is a saying that' wealth brings many friends while poverty is an orphan'. Today pastor Israel Jonah is a friend of many ministers of God.

He has also experienced strong destructive criticisms when he had some marriage challenges until God gave him victory over his plotted enemies of his vision and his beloved wife that made his dream came to limelight. In every successful man on earth, there is a good wife. Pastor (Mrs.) Inem Israel is the wife of Pastor Israel and both from Akwa Ibom State. Pastor Inem Israel is a vibrant preacher of the word of God who has been a partner of progress of her beloved husband's vision.

It is hard to differentiate between both couples because of their visionary calls into full time ministry. Both couples preach alike and unable to know who the General Overseer of the Wordfeast ministries international is. One fact is that Pastor Israel Jonah has a good assistant pastor who is also supporting his vision together with the God ordained members too. Pastor Inem Israel is a virtuous wife of the 21st century.

She is the President of Zenith Women Apostolic Gathering where women are driven to be led by God. Pastor Inem Israel is not just a woman of God but highly educated and spiritually inclined with the full-strength of the word of God. She is also a product of University of Lagos, the great Akokotes'.

Again Pastor Israel Jonah is one of the ministers of God that loves giving without reservations. He has given his former BMW car to a revered man of God like him without regret even when he needed money to offset some pressing needs but obeyed the instruction of God to give out that seed.

Today, he is counting the blessings of God. He is one of the young Ajegunle pastors that has acquired his own church land and built it. He has raised young men and women from nobody to somebody. He is a man of God who does not live in subterfuge but always promised to fulfill his God- given vision.

No any visionary youth that steps into Wordfeast Ministries the first time without receiving full-strength of the word of God with a new package. It is hard to see young ministers of God serving under Pastor Israel Jonah to attempt breaking out of his calling except those who have duly served him with certificated and confirmed voice of God.

The yearly change ministers' conference has transformed many Ajegunle ministers from their poor mentality knowledge of setting up a ministry to a digital one. Nobody that attends change conference without giving undiluted testimonies. He has greatly impacted on his members on the ethics of giving and receiving through God's direct principles. None of his God's ordained members invited outside his ministry who does not exhibit the spirit of giving to the needy.

As a General Overseer that God has enrichly blessed, he still finds time with his beautiful wife to visit all his members on regular basis to know their present living conditions. He is one of the humble pastors in Ajegunle with integrity and not interested with pulpit competition but ready to train soldiers for Christ in this generation. Ministry is not all about the pulpit but members' welfare.

One of the recent messages that stroked my mind when Rev. Kingsley Albert, General Overseer of Flames Family Church (FFC), a friend and guest speaker who spoke extensively on the giving minister in the Christian circle and Nigeria. He added that ministers who do not give cannot be blessed. The difference between a prosperous minister and a failed minister of God is giving mentality. It is good ministers of God gives rather than receiving alone.

Change conference has recorded successes in all ramifications but the fact remains that ministers of God are being prepared to make heaven. Pastor Israel Jonah has able to identify with great minds of ministers that love progressive vision like Rev. Kayode Oyegoke as his spiritual mentor, Bishop Matthew Omodiagbe. Pastor Vincent Igbokwe, Apostle Chuks, Pastor Success Harunna, Apostle Dr. Acho Nwoke, Rev. Felix Ogadeji, Pastor Kingsley Uche, Pastor Charity, Pastor Israel Paticks, Pastor Emmanuel Amasoma, Pastor Chris Charles and just mention but a few.

He is one of the down- to- earth ministers of God without protocol. Change Ministers' conference is not a conference where ministers of God display arrogance or wealth but where ministers are made. Unlike some ministers' conference where some ministers use that means to display their inferiority complexes and how God blessed but Change ministers' conference is not like that. Pastor Israel Jonah is a graduate from one of the Nigerian polytechnics with excellent result.

Finally, any minister of God that has attended the change ministers' conference being hosted by Pastor Jonah must practice what he or she was taught by these intellectual ministers of God invited as guest speakers and spread the good news of the conference. His weekly activities are run between Wednesdays and Fridays while other activities are outlined for every week.

His counseling days are opened to everybody without discrepancy. Pastor Israel Jonah is not just a preacher alone but also a called gospel singer with an album to his credit, a writer, motivational and world class speaker, marriage counselor, and a positive promoter of the word of God. Pastor Israel Jonah has received Mindset media award for 2012 as the best preacher of the year. He has impacted souls for Christ. We must encourage him to continue in his vision by sponsoring the conference on major Television stations in Nigeria and Abroad.

Godday Odidi Is A Public Affairs Analyst

Contact: 08058124798, Ajegunle Apapa Lagos

Pastor Jonah Israel