Discovered!! Fresh Sex Videos From Hiltop Mansion: Latest Development In Akwa Ibom State

By digIT Media

Coming on the heat of the forceful removal of Obong Umana Okon Umana – the immediate past Secretary to the Akwa Ibom State Government from office, fresh facts have emerged as documents in the SSG's office have disappeared!

This time, it is a sex video in which a popular figure in the protocol department of Akwa Ibom State Government is fingered! We heard more videos of him and other perpetrators of this hideous crime will be release in a few weeks!

Months ago, a popular tabloid in Uyo wrote about a discovery that some Akwa Ibom politicians and those in the corridors of power are believed to live a life of indulgence and abuse. They survive by covering up their tracts or using the pegs and trimmings attached to their offices to prevent their misdeeds going to the public domain.

Threats and intimidation which they sometimes make good are tools they use in whipping whistle blowers including the press into line. Sometimes, they run out of luck as what they do in the dark gets to be seen and known on the housetop.

That's exactly the case of this leaked sex video! Now that it is about to be revealed to the whole word what actually goes on in the protocol department of Akwa Ibom State Government, it should be worthy of note that this sex video will go online any moment from now on some popular websites and news blogs across the country and beyond.

Sources say this not a witch-hunt anybody but to expose the activities of these serial agents of destruction who are being harbored in the so-called Protocol Department of Akwa Ibom State Government House.

A popular tabloid in Akwa Ibom State had also published some thrilling revelations of Comfort and Maria (not real names) who worked with Akwa Ibom State Ushering Group as Ushers.

That group stinks with allegation of sexual pervasion not known in recent history and Akwa Ibom State government can only save its face if it calls for an immediate probe into what happens at her protocol department with a view to punishing the culprit(s) and restoring sanity and decency there.

Shocking conversations told in a no-hole-barred manner, revealed stories of sexual orgies, lesbianism, group pervasion and lastly, sex ritualism performed on most innocent girls in the ushering group by the man (and his boys) whose brilliance and sense of time, history and encyclopedia has at various times got him a place in Aso Rock and Akwa Ibom State Government House.

We are waiting to see this video online! We believe it will usher us into the light and reveal most dark secrets.

That is not all. After the release of this video, more and more will follow! The indulgence, according to our informant, has occultic interpretation as well as the rituals performed on the greedy but willing accomplice.

Lastly, the release of this video will reveal how state funds are lavished by these people in the most criminal manner and also push proudly-defiant to become humble.