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On Tuesday, July 9, 2013, 5 anti Amaechi lawmakers led by Hon Bipi who was said to be a confident of Mrs patient Jonathan in the Rivers State house of Assembly reportedly brought a fake mace (symbol of legislative authority of the federal republic of Nigeria) to the rivers state house in a desperate attempt to impeach the Speaker.

In the course of this unholy act, the situation lead to massive crisis which is still a subject of debate in public discuss till date.

After the crisis at the house, it was also reported that, with Investigation beginning on the fracas which many say will remain indelible on the pages of the country’s political history, a summons from the police headquarters is ordering the leader of the state house of assembly Chidi Lloyd, to report to the force criminal investigation department, C.I.D. in Abuja over his role as recorded on camera and to unravel that unfortunate incident, the police today is going after the principal actors the report said.

Also summoned are the police orderly to the governor, and the governor’s chief security officer Tony Iwelu.

Out of all those summoned by the police, there was none from the group of 5 that caused the crisis, the anti Amaechi lawmakers that produce a fake mace and started the violence.

What was suprising about the police summon which i consider a shame is the fact that, even though the police had summoned the man who was cited beating another member with the fake mace,they didn't find those who produced the fake mace (Symbol of legislative authority) worthy of summon or investigation. This is the height of hypocrisy from the Nigerian police and in my opinion, the Nigerian police has been compromised.

It is worth to note that, the primary source of the crisis originated from the 5 anti Amaechi law makers that went to 1. Produced a fake mace which itself is a criminal offense 2. Extend aggressive behavior and violence against their fellow lawmakers,by beating some and forcing them out of the assembly 3. Seizing the Assembly for their unholy act 4. and claiming to have impeached the speaker.

If these 5 men that commit this grave criminal offense of faking the mace were not investigated,summoned or arrested, what is the purpose of having a police force?

The question that is begging for answer now remains that, Isn't it criminal in the highest sense that some 5 law makers in Rivers went to produce a fake mace,which is the symbol of legislative authority to carryout some sort of unholy activities in the house?

Hon Chidi who has been rightly summoned by the police for his role in beating a fellow member to the point of coma with the fake mace was not the one who brought the mace,he collected it from other 5 members when the governor's security came. Hon Bipi and his group of 5 committed the criminality of faking the mace and no one is saying anything about it. Is it because they are the President's men?

I am talking about Producing a fake Mace,which is the symbol of legislative authority,I am talking about faking the symbol of Nigerian authority. This is a criminal behaviors of the highest order.

It is just like producing a fake certificate or producing fake money,but this crime is even greater,considering the fact that it is a mace, which symbolize the authority of the legislative arm of government.

When i asked a friend about what he thinks about it, he said, yes, it is criminal,So, what can anybody do about it?

He added that, it is like producing counterfeit money and then spending it,but the police didn't declare those who did this wanted,they left them simply because they are pro GEJ. and i ask, will these 5 criminals go Scot free?

I think lawyers should be able to tell if this case is tenable in the court of law,we must first pursue it in court while pushing to ensure a legislative act make provision for it official punishment.

Written By Abdulrazaq O Hamzat

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