LASIEC Set To Support ACN At Next LG Polls—Lagos PDP; Threatens To Prosecute LASIEC Chairman


The Lagos state PDP says it has painstakingly observed the stakeholders fora incessantly organised by LASIEC in the last Six months and can now describe the ongoing forum on creation of more wards in the state as another ACN game to again rig elections. The Party however vowed that "this time we shall defend our votes and protect Lagosians electoral choice with the last drop of our blood"

The Party stated that the indications that LASIEC was set to compromise the process to suit ACN manifested at one of the fora when the LASIEC chairman, Justice Fatai Adeyinka (rtd) asserted that more Wards and Polling Units had been created but avoided to mention the numbers and their descriptions saying that certain stakeholders must be involved before the polling Units can be disclosed!

"Who are these "stakeholders" ? They must be the special stakeholders of the ACN leadership. Indeed this is a Ploy to rig next polls using the now invincible polling Units created"

The Party opines that the flagrant illegal announcement of false results to favour ACN at the 2011 Local Government Poll was Criminal and very embarrassing. Stating that "the LASIEC chairman has monumentally desecrated the seat of the Electoral umpire and has no moral qualification to continue in Office and ought to be sacked. We are convinced that no further election midwife by Fatai Adeyinka as LASIEC Chairman can be credible"

"We also wonder why the LASIEC chairman a supposed Old Citizen of the State has developed the penchant for always misleading the Commission to embark on charade thereby misappropriate the resources of the Commission.

Indeed we shall consider filing criminal suit against the members of the Commission, especially the Chairman.

Lagos PDP