Lagos State PDP welcomes the effort of Governor Fashola

By Lagos PDP

The lagos State PDP says it welcomed the effort of Governor Fashola to commission a project in the State but that it will not be quick to celebrate same as similar efforts had been exploited by the Governor's ill advised decision to commercialise or concessionaire Social Services in the State.

The Party mentioned that its observation is in such other projects like: the rehabilitation of LASUTH; BRT; Construction of Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge, Gardens & Parks etc.

It Stated in particular that the Governor's declaration that it has suspended free health services in the State amplified the tyrannical policies of Governor Fashola.

The party was reacting to the commissioning of a Trauma and Burns Centre in Gbagada on Tuesday and where Governor Fashola announced that he was suspending free health Services to lagosians, including for women at child birth.

The Governor however listed Malaria and ante-natal treatments as only ones that will still be free, but for certain persons.

"For record purpose, there has never been free health treatment for terminal diseases or any other major disease for that matter in the State. We challenge Governor Fashola to come out with the list of the beneficiaries, if any. They only target celebrities and the only being a female Nollywood artist. The Motive is even more Propagandists than in good Faith. This is the style of Governor Fashola in all the other sectors. He is always cosmetic and propagandists"

The Lagos PDP opines further that the Lagos State Government, under Governor Fashola has realised monumental Revenue in the State and has no excuse to deny lagosians Social Services in the manner he is presently doing. "The particular Case of not giving free health service to women at Child Birth is condemnable. States like Akwa Ibom, Ondo, Delta, Katsina, Bauchi, are poorer than lagos State, yet they offer free education and Health Services to their people.

Ironically, this is a Governor that has repeatedly claimed to be a welfarist. Now we know better. Ordinary Social Services in Lagos State have been so commercialised. Hence, the cost of enjoying such State Services is competing with that of Private Services"

The Lagos State PDP pointed out that the Fashola Administration allocated a meagre 8.5% of its total budget to health sector in the 2013 Budget. "This reflects the value the present Administration gives to human lives in the state. As we talk, the whole State has only five Primary Health Centres (PHC), two of which are not even commissioned. If not for the contributions of the Federal Government, UNICEF; UNFPA; JICA, the State Government had neglected its responsibilities in the areas of immunisation and eradication of Polio, Malaria and other diseases. The Specific roles of the foreign agencies include the distribution of Mosquito Nets, construction of health facilities in Local Government areas and donations to PHCs".

The party therefore counselled Governor Fashola to revisit this decision to suspend free health Services in the State. Same also in other unpopular policies of his administration in the interest of Posterity.

Lagos PDP