Fruits of a False Foundation: Nigeria’s Lawmakers and Their Laws of Guns and Thugs

Power is control! When one gets it, he controls some events of his short stay in life and, to a larger extent, the events of people around him. More power means more control: control of events and of people. But to what end? One may ask. Power is divine and only transient in the hands of men as God always desires in balancing the times in line with the times of men. To every man God has given a measure of power, but man has become insatiable with hunger for more and more power; therefore he back-bites, slanders, bears false witness, cheats, lies, denies self, sells-out his own, steals and kills if only he could gain more power because, to the man, more power comes with more happiness, tighter security and assured life. Little does he know that, like a double-edged sword, absolute power in the hand of a man, which he seeks, is the root and seed of all corruption and self-destruction.

The second ever article I wrote dealt primarily with the primary result of an unrepentant society: a country where 'Occultism Is The Solution' to everything (, or so the power-hungry African vehemently believes. An average Nigerian is convinced that family relevance and life's meaning can only come by societal relevance and, for a country highjacked and spent by politicians, political power is the only and ultimate relevance.

With a country of over 150 million power-deprived souls, the hunt moved from the wild to the city gates; men hunt each other down in order to gain more power space. Little wonder that over 70 percent of Nigeria's political leaders, in their quest for dominance through political power which has rubbished everything else, developed from eggs (citizen), through the larva (school cults) and pupa (occult members) into becoming the imago of destruction to anything and anyone who poses any threats to their power-space. As a result, what is left to behold becomes a country of professional and government-trained and sponsored assassins but no knowledge of manufacturing a thing as technologically primary as a bullet; society where food importation is banned but there are no farms; where one man is given the power of monopoly by the government for importing consumer goods of over 150 million people; where fire men and ambulances share the stroboscope with the politicians, making citizen wonder if sirens are symbols of life-saving emergencies or death traps; where government infrastructures and job-creation have become security vans and security allocations; where under-informed and gullible girls are molested, raped and beaten for stealing a phone while their counterparts in politics serve months as prison terms in care homes for looting millions of dollars; where frustrated young male graduates and drop-outs get life jails, hanged or burnt to death for crimes engineered by politicians who have seized and embezzled allocation and pension funds; where murderers are compensated and victims ignored; where science and technology are lacking but every lucky graduate gets employed in a 'desk' job; where pastors become armed robbers and kidnappers and Imams manufacture weapons to take lives in ten's and hundreds but never give any; where economic activities of citizens are stopped just to let everyone know that a person of power passes by; where a 'unity' school unites children from different states as long as one works like a camel while the other is begged to sleep on and spoon-fed with bigotry; where the State's affair has become a woman's sanitary pad, where the sacrifice to retain a man's political life is his ancestors, family and posterity; where politicians drive costliest bullet-proof cars on roads they are unable to maintain, etc. The shame is a river. As it is, power has degenerated to mean, for most, the ability the put food on the table. And when the belly becomes the battleground, deaths become recorded in scores.

Nevertheless, sanity and life would have been resuscitated if those saddled with making laws understood the far-reaching successes of patriotism. But, nay! They would not, for every law they have made and passed was exclusively for their present benefits and eventual destruction - they and their families, friends and stooges. A kidnapper is condemned to death while the man who destroyed both the kidnapper and the kidnapped is set lose unto freedom of self and further destruction of others. In 2010, Nigerian Lawmakers turned the House of Representatives into death-match between drunk and blood-hungry cult rivals. This month, just in Rivers State, the 'lawmakers' made yet new laws: Reason, common sense, their inhuman and godless constitution, pen and papers were no longer enough to afford them more powers. Force, the very force often used against the common man, was introduced as means for constitutional upholding and amendment. While one tried to break into the House of Assembly with his cult members and thugs, chanting cult songs, the other tried to protect the symbol of the House by breaking it on his opponent, turning the mace of orderliness into a mace of bludgeoning. While one insists that five members out of a 32-member of the house cannot constitutionally impeach the Speaker, the other insists that insulting the woman with whom he had lived, whom he considered to be his "Jesus Christ' is all it takes to remove his constitutionally elected superiors from office. To him and those who sent him, that's the constitution. It's a race for power, a race for extinction. Here, the Roman battle ring is recreated with its past glory and our present demons.

Who is saved? What is to be done to salvage what is left of the sanity and sanctity of human life and worth? The foundation is already destroyed and cannot be repaired but rebuilt from the first layers, using every right and lasting framework. The Psalmist has aptly settled every fear: While the wicked bend and set their arrows against the strings to shoot from the shadows at the upright, they must not forget that the Lord is in His holy temple, in His heavenly throne - observing everyone on earth - and that His eyes observes all and rewards all justly. Nigeria's breakup/dissolution is the only saving option left; remains the only chance of hope for the survival of over 150 million compelled citizens of an inevitably imploding structure of evil called Nigeria. Further delays to correct these foundational and foundation anomalies by dissolving this structure of satan himself will be sustained to the destruction of the ego-bloated lawmakers who have continually made laws for their protection but to the destruction of others. And the land is surely risingagainst every corrupt and indifferent political, religious, traditional and academic leader and against every soul, within and without, that passively or actively continues to work for the survival of an abomination-before-God called Nigeria.

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