Hurrah, Nigeria is 49 Years!!!!- by Chukwuma Iwuanyanwu

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By October 1st, 2009, our dear country, Nigeria will be 49 years, a year away from 50 years. Every sane Nigeria knows that there is nothing to celebrate about, but the oppressors will roll out drums and appropriate some cash for celebration. Yar'Adua will lead the Muslim

fanatics to the mosque to worship their father of all lies, the devil while Jonathan will be in front to march his fellow sinners to sing “Thou art worthy” to their demons. The same rituals will be replicated in the various state capitals and after that, there will be parties for clinging of glasses and backslapping.

The so called African biggest party, PDP will assault the sensibilities of Nigerian people on how Umaru has been a blessing to find himself in the political space of Nigeria. In the pervasive harangue by all the chief executives of federal and states, there will be no mention of the fact that Nigeria is lamed and “kwashiokatic”, lacking no nutrition, sick and fragile, ready for death. What a country!!

There will be no mention of the fact that the country is now dragging herself to oblivion and that Ghana has dwarfed the “giant of Africa”, a deceptive word used in the midst of fools. There will be no mention of the fact that after 49 years, the country cannot produce a steady 1,000 megawatts of electricity. There will be no mention of the fact that Nigeria cannot organize a free and fair election. There will be no mention that the country is master election riggers. There will be no mention that tugs have taken over the political terrain of the country. There will be no mention of the fact that PDP has killed a once hopeful country. The president and all the state governors will miss from their speeches to the nation that our educational system has died and waiting for burial. There will be no mention that they a superintending the rot of the fabric of the nation. There will be no mention that in the human suffering index, Nigeria has unenviable position. There will be no mention that Nigeria is slipping to the status of Somalia, there will be no mention that our country is a nation of fraudsters and we are exporting that to all nations of the earth. There will be no mention that no Nigerian has respect outside the shores of the country.

I know in their addresses, there will be no mention of the fact that the political class has failed our dear country. They will not mention that they have no leadership skills and they are there for the sake of godfathers. They will not say that they have killed this generation of youths and that the welfare of the youths is not their focus. They will not say that they have failed in the provision of jobs and they will not admit that their inability to provide electricity has been the reason why some industries have relocated to Ghana. Umaru will not admit that his hands are tied in prosecuting the corrupt governors because he who goes to seek equity, his hands must be clean. Umaru will not admit that the most corrupt politician in the history of Nigeria, James Ibori sleeps in the same house, Aso Rock with him. They will not tell the nation why money would be appropriated for road constructions, but their friends will collect the money and abandoned the road projects.

They will not try to answer these questions worrying Nigerians: 1. Why is that the government of Umari refused to negotiate with ASUU and sign the agreement to uplift our universities when a single politician can steal as much money that can be expended in all the universities in a year. Why does he go to Saudi Arabia and Germany for medical treatment to save his life when a common man in Nigeria has a simple local clinic shut against his face? 3. Why can't he replicate the same hospitals he goes to patronize in foreign lands in Nigeria? 4. Why is that he shut his ears on the sufferings and cries of the ordinary Nigerians? 5. Why is that he still retains Michael Aondoakaa, the AGF who has constantly brings shame to Nigeria and to his government. 6. Many Nigerians will like to know why Maurice Iwu is still the INEC chairman. 7. Some Nigerians will like to know why the country is in circumlocution. 8. Nigerians will like to know when the planning stage will be over and when the president will hit the road running to solve the myriad of problems swallowing the country. 9. A lot of Nigerian will like to know what he is doing to tackle unemployment, which is breeding in some cases, kidnapping, armed robberies, prostitution, the urgency with which many Nigerians run away from the country for prospects which are not existing in foreign countries. 10. Every Nigerian will like to know what Umaru is doing to arrest the country from slipping to a failed state if not already failed.

I don't know how Umaru will address Nigerians in this 49th birthday of the country without touching on the issues that has held down the country from moving forward. I for one will like to know why an average politician in Nigeria has no shame, no dignity and no honor. Why will someone like Chinyere Igwe be a representative of the people of Rivers state? This is not a time for celebration, but sober reflection. Some idiot like Mr. Igwe should be sanctioned and suspended for months and benefits denied for slapping a security guard. We gained independence in 1960, but we are still living like cavemen. We are not making any progress; rather we are steadily racing backwards.

What is it that is left for us to do in the face of this hopelessness? I am of the opinion that a natural force should fold Nigerian out of existence and if some will not share this foolish posture, do we still deceive ourselves that God will solve our problems? These are my suggestions. I will not fear anybody to put forward my personal ideas. I don't care who rules Nigeria as far as we are not out of sync with the rest of progressing civilized nations. I will suggest that religion should be a personal affair and not the business of the state. If you are Muslim or Christian, keep it to yourself, because religion has done more harm than good in Nigeria and elsewhere. A deep rooted Muslim should not be allowed to rule Nigeria, because the way Islam is now practiced is too archaic, too backward, brute, deceptive and hypocritical. They will say they hate western civilization, but they like all the articles of civilization. They don't like women to be free; they don't want them to be educated, just for their selfishness. I did my NYSC in the core North; I saw a lot and these old men were rapping little girls at will and all sorts of atrocities reside in their domain. A strong and fanatical Muslim is a drag to progress and a curse to the nation. If you a fanatical Christian, you are not qualified to rule the nation. The reason is this; a fanatical Christian thinks that he or she is the only one very close to Jesus Christ while others are marked for hell fire. While other leaders around the world work round the clock to proffer solutions to the problems confronting their nations, fanatical Christian will be sleeping, praying in the church day and night for God to solve the problems of the nation, bul**it, and insult to God.

I am looking for a leader in Nigeria, who will say to hell to all these Emirs, Obas and Obis and all other nonsense chiefs, who have been responsible for some of the unprogressive policies in Nigeria, especially the so called Emirs. I am looking for a leader, who will say to hell to all these hypocrites that visit Mecca and Jerusalem to conduct personal business in the name of religion, bullcrap. Why should state be involved in this nonsense? Just go to Mecca or Jerusalem as many times as you want, but there has to be a separation between the church and the state. Many a time, when positions are open, stupid people, who are less qualified take trips to visit Emirs to push their cases and when this idiot is given the position, the so called Emir holds the whole of Nigeria to ransom. Imagine the selection of a vice chancellor, what is a local chief doing in the selection committee, a business that is too academic; Nigeria is stupid at 49?

Another suggestion is that from epiphany, the Nigerian political class has held the country in the jaws, so we will never get the country back without a fight. The hope of the country lies in the struggles of the labor force, Nigerian students and the civil society. We should stop talking about the opposition, all of them are opportunists. In 2011, if the election is perceived to be rigged, the labor force and the civil society should grind the country to a halt. Everybody should sit at home and sustain it as long as it is necessary; my only problem is that no more strong National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS). What we have now is a compromised NANS that is a willing tool in the hands of the dirty politicians. There should be no brandishing of knife, gun or brute force. Civil disobedience will be the only solution to get our country back from these pin heads that have laid our country bare for sale. All they can say is that every worker is sacked and they will employ divide and rule to break the unity of the workers. Remember, Fidel Castro said not a prison wall can separate like minds. If Umaru wins logically, credibly, clean, free and fair, let him be.

To my fellow bond brothers and sisters, happy independent day. Hurrah, Nigeria is 49 years. I am in Los Angeles, but my spirit is with all of you in Nigeria and elsewhere. Giving up is agreeing to the death of the country. We are in chains, but remember the words of Saint Paul, I have fought a good fight and I have also kept the faith. Keep hope alive. Never allow the fight of our founding fathers be in vain and also do it for Moshood Abiola, uncle Bola Ige, Harry Marshall, Barrister and Mrs. Igwe, Chima Ubani, Beko Ransome Kuti, Gani Fawehinmi and other victims of political assassinations. Nigeria, we hail thee, our country native land, though tribe and tongue we may differ, in brother hood we stand. Happy birthday, Naija.

Mazi Chukwuma Iwuanyanwu, a bond servant, writes from Los Angeles, California.

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