Tinubu expresses fear over 2015 polls, says it may end up like Rivers/NGF crises

By The Citizen

The National Leader of the Action Congress of Nigeria, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has said the Rivers State and the Nigeria Governors' Forum crises are a presage of what will happen in the coming 2015 elections.

He, therefore, condemned the crises and the underlying forces behind them, saying such would only turn 'an imperfect democracy into a perfect mess.'

The former Governor of Lagos State, in a statement on Sunday, accused President Goodluck Jonathan of masterminding the crisis in Rivers State.

Tinubu, who described the crisis as an 'assault on the constitution,' explained that the crisis showed the failure of the Peoples Democratic Party to promote democracy in the country.

He said, 'However, we all know the truth but most are afraid to speak.  There is no way the police and  small number of five lawmakers would act so brazenly, unless they receive instructions from their high places, attempted to impeach the Speaker.

Nigerians must ask: Is this way the President Jonathan intends to transform  Nigeria? By turning it from an imperfect democracy into a perfect mess?

'In some ways, this Rivers episode is not surprising. What happened in the Rivers House is one more reminder. PDP leaders hold democracy in contempt and will trample on it, if given the slightest opportunity. If they invert the relatively small numbers involved in the Nigerian Governors Forum and the Rivers State House, what they might do to general elections involving such a large population as ours is a hard piece of wood to chew.'

According to him, the crisis showed that security cannot be guaranteed in the coming elections.