Pastor Bello Osigwe Sonny is the present Area Pastor-in-charge of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) at Ejigbo in Lagos State. He is one of the young vibrant and motivational ministers of God with a difference in Nigeria. He has been in the ministerial fold for seventeen consecutive years with his divine calling. Pastor Bello Osigwe is a man who wants religious and intellectual changes in terms of education and spiritual matters. Pastor Bello Osigwe was born in 1963 after two years of Nigeria's independence in 1960. He is from Edo State. He attended both Military primary school and Army cantonment boys' secondary school at Ojo in Lagos State. He later proceeded to the Universal College of Technical and Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, Osun State where he studied Economics and came out in flying colors. As a man that desires for more education, he later did an Advanced school of Administration and Management course, in Canada where he was the Governor- General of the class.

Pastor Bello Osigwe is a humble minister of God that knows his core calling into the ministry. The first time I came in contact with Pastor Bello Osigwe analyzing religious issues plaguing the country at the popular Television talk show” Inside-out with Agatha Amata” in 2010 where he highlighted some of the leadership problems in Nigeria and proffer creative solutions to it. Pastor Bello Osigwe's views are well respected in Nigeria when it comes to National issue that needed urgent solution and nothing more. Pastor Bello Osigwe is the present Vice National President Global Pastors forum and National Coordinator Edo Pastors forum. He is one of the active members of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) at both local and state levels in Lagos. He is a born leader to the core. As his 40th birthday when his lovely wife was reading his citation, she spoke extensively on how she met her husband whom he described him as a great man with creative determination to succeed in life and as agent of positive change. Despite the hurdles of life, he went through, but he never gave up his intellectual dream on earth.

He is one of those young ministers of God in Nigeria that helps the less privileged ones in the society without discrepancy together with the support of his elegant princess of the 21st century that believes in his vision. The popular sayings that Life begins at 40, within the four decades on earth, Pastor Bello Osigwe has achieved so much in terms of ministerial teachings and others. He is a man of God that has dine and wine with highly respected and venerated ministers of God in Nigeria and not carried away by mundane things of the world. He has travelled far and wide not just Nigeria alone but also abroad preaching the good news of Christ. He has written many gospel books and be sold in the market. His books are rated among top ministers of God in Nigeria and abroad. If you have come across Pastor Bello Osigwe's books in the market then, your caged blessings by the enemies would be instantly released by fire. He is not just an author of Christian books but a called author with God's direction in his life. At 40, Pastor Bello Osigwe still looks younger than his very age but zealous to take the gospel to every nook and cranny of Nigeria without hesitation. As a born servant leader, he had held many positions in his school days as class captain, senior prefect, Assistant president of financial students, Secretary General Assistant of Administration students, O. A. U and others.

Pastor Bello Osigwe has won many media awards through his selfless service to humanity and also won a prestigious Mindset Achievers Excellence Awards in 2012 and others. He is a servant of God who uses his little resource to put smile on Ajegunle widows on regular basis. He is a helper of destinies in Nigeria. Being a Redeemed pastor has equally changed his life as he sees the great servant of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye as a mentor of mentors. He is one of the great supporters of Mindset Media limited in Nigeria. He is a pastor who loves giving to people without sentiment. His meteoric rise in the ministry was not by chance but he worked harder to attain such enviable height of ministerial calling. He features in major Television programmes in Nigeria like Supercreen TV, Galaxy TV, TVC and just mention but a few. In one of the Television programmes, that I watched him, precisely Supercreen TV early this January 2013 where he spoke extensively on the need for Nigeria to change its leadership structure with God's intervention in all ramifications. He is not afraid of any being but what God puts in his life that matters to him. He is a man of God of many parts. He is one those regular invited guests of Inside-Out with Agatha Amata. Pastor Bello Osigwe is a radical minister of God with distinctive future. He has ministered in different international conferences and seminars with world class leaders. He prefers heavenly blessings to worldly ones. At 40, it is just the beginning of Pastor Bello Osigwe to unveil God's given vision on earth which many are still waiting by to see. In one of the encomiums shared by one of the highly respected ministers of God that was invited at his 40th birthday said Pastor Bello Osigwe is a dogged fighter of the word. He loves listening to people and contributes objectively to views that are positive to the society. Pastor Bello Osigwe has laid a memorable legacy in every Redeemed Christian Church Of God that is officially posted to minister. He sees Bishop Chris Matthew as one of his sole mentor of mentors in Nigeria. In every RCCG that is posted to, he always makes inspired and ground-breaking impacts in the lives of the Redeemers. He was a core Muslim before he was converted to Christian and encountered many tribulations of life but never gave up his calling.

Pastor Bello Osigwe is author of authors, conference speaker of speakers, social commentator of commentators, preacher of preachers, mentor of mentors, teacher of teachers, thinker of thinkers, role model of role models, reader of readers and motivator of motivators. He has duly paid his price for the gospel. He is happily married to a beautiful and farsighted wife who cherishes his enviable calling and lovely children.