Ifeanyi Ubah needs CAPITAL DELIVERANCE–Obi’s Aide Reveals

By Mazi Odera

The Senior Special Assistant to Gov. Peter Obi on media and Publicity, Mr. Valentine Obienyem has condemned in strongest term the reference to his Boss, Gov. Peter Obi as an animal by Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah, describing such 'diatribe' as he called it as 'evidence of a sick mind, who does not know his left from his right and who is dependent on people to think for him.' Obienyem argued that any right thinking person, even if his imagination which has already deceived him to believe that he would become the Governor, continues to deceive him to believe that the Governor is his greatest enemy, would not use such a language to describe a Governor, remotely or directly.

In a statement made available to the press yesterday, Obienyem further prescribes psychiatric test for those seeking public office, insisting that for a Governorship aspirant to call a sitting Governor an animal for whatever reason is a clear manifestation that he is not 'fit and proper to occupy public office.' He said that even idiots and nonentities would not use such a word

On the promise by Ubah that he would not probe Obi if he became the Governor Obienyem said that a reasonable man in Ubah's position would have spared himself unnecessary embarrassment by trying to find out why, among those who have signified interest to contest the Governorship election, he, Ubah, is the only person making unguarded and uncouth statements. 'The man in question, who does not want to probe Governor Obi, is himself under probe by many financial institutions that said he owed them. He is only walking freely on the streets by the grace of injunctions that would not last forever', Obienyem said.

On the issue of Obi sleeping in Ubah's house now and then, as he claimed, Obienyem who said he was not aware that his house was heaven, said that the Governor did not even know where the man lived not to talk of having visited his house.

Finally, on Uba's claim that he would fight insecurity and create jobs when he becomes Governor, Obienyem noted that that was the only sensible statement in Uba's statements, saying that he should be encouraged to tell the people what he would do for them if elected and not to 'engage in acts that defy rationality in response to obvious feeling of inferiority complex.'

'The man should also go on and tell us in which language he would write his budgets, hold discussions and meetings as a way of assuring us that his Governorship would not be a collective assault on the psyche of Anambra people', Obienyem concluded.

Mazi Odera
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