Many believe that this breed of generation emerged from the south-eastern part of west Africa, was never in existence and/or was never meant to be. However these beliefs championed by the so called "Giant of Africa" and the British Government have been passed down to about two generations and the champions of these falacies still hope to keep preaching their atrocity to the rest of the world, even to the unborn generation.

Shortly after Biafra lost the war to Nigeria who had them colonised, they were left with little or nothing to carry on with life; most of them ended up becoming servants and puppets to their taskmaster so as to feed.

Since 1970 till date, Biafrans have been molested, maltreated, marginalised, brain-washed, forced, re-forged and, in short, recreated to what they are today with one sole aim: to forget that they were once a nation.

Across the globe presently, in quest to survive and meet up with life necessities, an average Biafran with this 'recreated' mentality takes every possible risk: He gets involved in some heartbreaking jobs, like being a Mortuary attendant, sanitary officer, sugarcane cutter, baby seater etc. More often than not, this happens in countries all across the European Regions. When successfully frustrated out of the wild called Nigeria, and through the help of travel-agents who, more often than not, deceive their clients by giving them false assurances of securing quality jobs and encouraging lifestyles abroad, a Biafra freeborn travels only to discover the impression totally the opposite. Considering the Asian continent, more especially, a country like Malaysia, where slave trade is still literally valid and tolerable - a nation with no human right nor value for human life, nation with their minimal level of exposure to foreigners and international norms - blacks, precisely, are handled with iron fists as done to slaves in the slave era . Τhey welcome us into their country only to trade us to the police as illegal immigrants.

A man who successfully escaped from the wild for a new beginning and welcomed into a country where he can only invest and can't harvest: What do you expect of him? Let's get it straight, Biafrans are no fools. We are wonderfully and carefully made by God with uncommon bravery, wisdom and smartness. We are one of the smartest race in the world known and in the one unknown.

The art of survival have always been his (Biafran) major priority since his dehumanizing recreation. Using the uncommon divine gifts to earn a living in a country of racists in which he unfortunately found himself, he is crowned a scam artist, a drug lord, a destroyer of their 'good' women, an impersonator etc. What do you expect of him when you can't even trust him with your dead bodies to work in your mortuary?

It was once quoted, "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others" - (Mahatma Gandhi, 1869-1948), and that “Knowing yourself is the second step of all wisdom after the fear of the lord.” - (Anonymous). Biafrans, wake up! We have successfully completed our loyal services to Nigeria. It is time to restore our God-ordained dignity and to become and do what we are born to be and do. Realising that it is even beyond the ability of both the natural and supernatural to obstruct a RISING SUN, a freeborn Biafran should rethink, rise and fight for what is truly his. The art of sitting and waiting for time to decide your fate is an art of cowardice. Get up from that craddle-comfort and rock-chair! Fight for what you love and believe in, for what you desire, for what you deserve and for what is yours: a legacy that your ancestors kept for you. Join Radio Biafra london, Bile Human Right Initiative and other affiliate organisations to achieve your lost dream, for only then will your true art of bravery be useful for your nation.

If people like Martin Luther King Junior did not rise to speak, there may have been no equity between Blacks and White race in USA today. If not for collective unity, South Sudan would have remained under the governance of North Sudan etc. Bare your mind, you gifted! Lead a life of reality and refuse the abominable recreation.

It was once advised: When you see a man that has all the necessary potentials but has neither noticed nor actualised them, wake him up, he is sleeping.

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