How The Catholic Church & Reverend Fathers Rigged The Election In Anambra – List Of Reverend Fathers Revealed!

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“Please help me put this in one of the Newspaper headlines that the Anambra gubernatorial election result did not reflect the peoples wishes, that there will be Divine revolution in Anambra State if INEC fails to announce Dr. Chris Ngige as winner of February 6, 2010 election.” – stated Rev. Dr. Elias Ike Ekwemmuor, INEC, CSPSERD Accredited Observer No CAC/IT/I7457 in protest over the role the Roman Catholic Church played in facilitating the rigging of the Anambra gubernatorial election in favor of the incumbent governor, Mr. Peter Obi.

The INEC declaration of Governor Peter Obi as the winner of the February 6, 2010 has raised controversy in Anambra over the validity of the said declaration. Some in the political quarters have already pointed to the role played by the Roman Catholic Church as pivotal to the flawed and disenfranchisement of voters. As reliably gathered, the APGA gubernatorial candidate in the said election used bribery of the Roman Catholic Church and its Reverend Fathers to mobilize their church members to the polling booths. Some of the Reverend Fathers were given money by the APGA gubernatorial candidate to pay their church members in return for their votes on Election Day.

Particularly, Reverend Father Paul Dimude of St Anthony's Catholic Enugu Ukwu on the mass of Friday 5th 2010 gave the church youths N1,000 each. The following day being the Election Day, he N500 to the church women and directed both to vote for Governor Peter Obi. On the day of election, he carried food and drinks to all polling stations in Enugu Ukwu. Along with all of the Reverend Fathers in Njikoka LGA, Reverend Father, Paul Dimude sewed the dress of Peter Obi and wore it the whole week of the election. Father Paul Dimude is from Achina, Aguata LGA.

The involvement of the Reverend was not an isolated incident. Available information from aggrieved Reverend Fathers within the church indicates that the practice was widespread throughout the State.

In Akpo, Reverend Father Christopher Ike of Nawfija, the Parish Priest of St. Paul's Catholic Church, shared money to his parishioners to vote for Peter Obi. In Abagana, Reverend Father, Boniface Ezeoke of Umuchu, the Parish Priest of St Francis Catholic Church, shared money for the same purpose. In Nodu-Okpuno, Reverend Father Mich Okpala of Achina, the Parish Priest of St Gabriel Catholic Church, told parishioners that the Bishop told him to show them Peter Obi's posters in Church and to campaign for him. In Enugu Umuonyia, Orumba South, Reverend Father Ignatius Obi of Agulu, the Parish Priest of St Patrick's Catholic Church wore Peter Obi's campaign dress and gave parishioners N1,000 each to vote for Peter Obi. He told parishioners that the Bishop ordered them to vote for Peter Obi and any faithful who does not vote for him will no longer receive Holy Communion.

In Adazi-Enu, Reverend Father Jonas Benson Okoye shared cash and sang 'kokoroko' to parishioners to indicate where to vote. In Amesi, Reverend Father Lawrence Maduagwu of Agulu, the Parish Priest of St Joseph Catholic Church, wore APGA party dress and shared money to parishioners to vote for Peter Obi. Reverend Father Malachy of Uga and Vicar of St. Joseph Catholic Church carried voters from their different homes to polling booths to vote for Peter Obi. Reverend Father Peter Eche of Adazi-Ani, the Parish Priest of St Charles Catholic Church Achina told parishioners to vote for Peter Obi. Reverend Father Alexander Anagor of St Charles Catholic Church, Achina asked parishioners to vote Peter Obi on the orders of the Bishop. Reverend Father Fidelis Chike Nwosu of Agulu, the Parish Priest of St Joseph Catholic Church Achina, shared money to parishioners to vote Peter Obi.

Reverend Father Didacus Ilo of Oko, the Parish Priest of St Mary Catholic Church Achina vowed to his parishioners that if Peter Obi does not win, he will cease to be a priest and told his parishioners and all faithfuls must vote Peter Obi. Reverend Father Francis Obi-Okoye of Abagana, the Parish Priest of St Mathews Catholic Church Amawbia moved from one polling unit to another polling unit telling voters to vote 'okuko'.

And so the controversy found new legs and has begun walking tirelessly. Thus, it led to the Catholic Church in Anambra State becoming divided.

On the face of the unfolding divide comes new information revealing how Governor Peter Obi utilized the voters register in cohorts with the Catholic Church to rig the election. In summative note, Peter Obi used the help of miscreants within the INEC to input 25 special names into the voters register of each polling booth in special areas [numbering 3,000 booths] while scrambling the remainder of the names in the voters register. And as gathered, the 25 persons were select members of the Catholic Church who were then bused to the special polling areas to cast their votes. The result of the input of 25 votes in each of the 3000 polling units was 75,000votes.

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