Edo Speaker impeached amidst bloody fracas

Source: africanexaminer.com

Fights broke out yesterday at the Edo state house of assembly as AC members

impeached the speaker Hon. Sakawuna Garba and violently sworn in Hon. Peter Aliu

as Acting Speaker by the clerk of the house under duress.

The crisis began when the impeached speaker Hon. Garba refused to convey the

sitting of the house following some internal wrangling among the lawmakers

Consequently some members of the ruling Action Congress (AC) not pleased with the

attitude of the speaker, called for his impeached which was carried.

Two members Hon. Oghuma and Okeji received multiple injuries and bruises during

the pandemonium.
It will be recalled that PDP candidate Prof. Osunbor was declared the governor of the

state by Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) until Edo electoral

tribunal overturned his election as AC candidate Comrade Adams Oshiohmole was

pronounced the winner of the election and was sworn in.

This change in the leadership of the government house has continued to polarize the

state assembly, the climax of which was yesterday's ugly incident.

Fight like this is not only common in the state assemblies, it usually ensued in most

cases, due to disagreements over personal interests of the members and their god

fathers and not the interest of the people of their state.