Customers decry poor performance of Multichoice's GOTV

By The Rainbow

GOTV, the low-end product introduced into the Nigerian market by Multichoice a little over a year ago has become subscribers' nightmare.

To many of the subscribers, it has been a tale of woes as the product has failed to live up to their expectations.  Complaints vary from long period of disconnection without reasons, frequent signal losses, wobbly signals and long off air after weather disruptions.

One of the customers, Osai Igwe, who lives in Alagbado Area of Lagos, told THE RAINBOW that he was disappointed that a company with the reputation of MultiChoice could offer such a tardy service s to its customers.

Igwe explained, ' GOTV has failed to ensure customers satisfaction in its business dealings. My Subscription expired on 12th April and I was suspended, I renewed it on 13th April and was not reconnected for three weeks until the May 1, 2013. Imagine, and the GOTV assumes to be in business. This is after calling the customer care several times. When I called on that May 1 that was about the fifth time the representative of the company who picked my call was able to reconnect me'.

'A week after, I got a call from the company telling me to renew my subscription before 13 May, 2013. I told the representative that I was not connected till May 1,2013 after renewing my subscription on April 13, that my new renew date should be June 1, 2013.

'He promised to get back to me but didn't. Few days after I was bombarded with suspension notice if I didn't new by May 13, 2013. I had to bow to pressure and renewed because of the embarrassment I went through when my family could not enjoy the service during the Easter when everybody was at home for the Easter feat.

'All efforts to get GOTV resolve this unsatisfactory service failed, then I resoled that GOTV has come to impoverish Nigerians with their unsatisfactory services. If the company is not ready to serve its customers it should shut down operation rather than embarrassing people when the service is mostly needed especially during festive periods.

Mr.Igwe said  that in business if your customer pays and cannot enjoy the service, the renewable date should be a month after he has started enjoying the service not that you will coarse him to renew just because he wants to continue patronizing you. There are other service providers customers can hook on to now. When Company A fails he/she can switch to Company B.

He advised GOTV to be 'proactive in attending to customers, if not majority will switch over to other service providers. I stitch in time saves nine.'

Another customer, Harold Demureen,  is dissatisfied by what he called 'low quality services offered by GOTV.'

He said, he bought the GOTV package instead of Star Times, another budget subscription television, because he felt that anything out of the stable of Multichoie would be world class.

'I am disappointed in their services. Picture clarity, stability of signals are not there. I regret that I did go for regular Dstv package straightway,' he said.

According to him, he has discarded his package because the services are just disappointing. He said that he had since upgraded to the regular package.

Another subscriber to GOTV, who gave her name simply as Amalia, said she bought GOTV for use in her shop in Ikeja. But to her shock, 'the signal has scattered  since the onset of the  rainy season.